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Would you accept $175 when the minimum price is clearly $200+ is LLLL.com's?

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    Heck NO!

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    Yes, I've been living under a rock, and I didn't realize $175 was a STEAL!


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I gotta ask a legit question. I get tons of PM's a day in the $175-$185 range for my 4 Letter .com'. Does anyone say yes to $175-$185 when the minimum price is clearly $200. Im honestly asking, I always say no, but often wonder if anyone says yes?

Are these buyers actually finding people who say yes? Unless your living under a rock, you know LLLLsales.com now keeps track of the MINIMUM price for any random letters.

My guess, is that they are desperately HOPING for someone to say yes. Because I never get a response when I reply at $200. Which is a great deal IMO

Thanks for the taking the poll!
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Yes, it is possible and even recommended to sell below the floor price, for instance if you want to use these funds to buy another domain (say in an auction) which holds even better value to you.

In effect you're paying some kind of tax ($200 - $180 = $20) for not being solvent enough :xf.grin:
It is beneficial to be somewhat liquid. I've seen several domainers blow out their LLLL.com's to become more liquid for more favorable investments. It's a win/win. You are able to quickly turn sitting domains into cash for future investments. It's a pretty crazy time in this industry!

btw, if you have any LLLL's you want to get rid off for less than $200 i'd be interested. :)
The original poster is talking about people PM'ing with prices below the stated minimum on their thread. What the actual price is doesn't matter -- just that people are trying to low-ball below the stated minimum. If the seller wanted "any" offers, they wouldn't set a minimum.

IMHO, you should just ignore people who can't follow the rules on threads you post. ;)
Change your minimum to $220. More than likely, it's the psychological aspect where someone wants to "get a good deal." At least that's my opinion.