information Who else has signed up for the Online Domain Name & Digital Asset Conference and Virtual Trade Show?

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I have just signed up for the Online Domain Name and Digital Asset Conference and Virtual Trade Show being run by @Page Howe between July 23rd - 25th (to me it seems a no brainer). So the question is who else has booked up?

Booked to take part are loads of respected members of the domaining business community. Just imagine if you were in a bar surrounded by some of this industries experts how much it would cost you in buying rounds of drinks just so you could just listen into what they were saying on different topics.

I chose the $99 registration, but I think there are still some 'FREE' tickets available, for up to the moment news on these visit:

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@TheBaldOne thanks for your post, had no idea about this conference. Havent really seen anything about it outside your post.
@BrandPlease - Glad that you became aware of it, I am surprised there haven't been others posting saying that they have signed up for it.

(I should say I am in no way associated with the conference and am just posting as a member of this site. :xf.smile: )