Where's all the .ai domain discussion?

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I could have sworn someone here said that .ai was starting to be a big hit, but then I use the search box here to look for .ai domain discussion and nothing recent comes up.

I've found a 6L, common English word, in .ai, is it worth registering? Most the sales on Namebio are from Whois.ai and from like 2 weeks ago. It doesn't look like .ai is really selling?
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I thought the same thing as well. There were a few .ai names a while ago I was ready to buy, but decided not to at the last minute.
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It's always a big hit... if someone's invested in it :P

and sales seem to help "solidify" that approach, but in the end it's about usage, trading viability and affordability that determines stability. We can hype all day long, but when we build or trade we are setting roots.

I no longer hold any .ai, but still think it is the pinnacle for anything artificial intelligence genre. The renewals are quite costly so take that into account if you like the name but not sure how quick you can sell it.

When an extension is as specific as .ai, the end-user crowd looking to getting into it is going to be quite small imo because it segregates adoption, even if there are a lot of investors on board. Exceptions are 1 character or really short hack names which almost always have value to anyone.
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