Where and who is "ULT SEARCH"

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Dont believe everything you hear. He would be one of richest people in world with that kind of money... making more than Bill Gates!

lol. maybe a mil a year...

There are many articles about this operation on the web, that is why I made that comment. I am sure there is some truth to it. It is a large operation and from the amount and quality of some of his domains, his daily income is more then what most of use make in a year.

I don't think he shares any of his secrets with anyone and he is a very quiet person I have never seen a post by him in any forums online,

I heard he owns 150,000 plus domains and gets around 200 new ones per day , so if that is true and each of his domains make him $1.00 per day he would be making $150,000 per day or $54 million per year,

But what if his domains make him more then $1.00 per day, wow

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