When Does Registering a Domain Name Become Morally Wrong?

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  1. larryscott2559

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    I asked this question because of the news story of Korryn Gaines who had a shootout with cops in Baltimore and died (im pretty sure most have heard of this news story). Anyways about 2 hours after they announced the undeveloped story I decided to type her name to see if it was available but it was just registered to Uniregistry ( . The full story hasn't been released to the press yet and the domain was already registered within the 2 hour time.

    Just the same DomainNameSales or Uniregistry (because they both have been combined now) also registered the name of the shooter who killed the 5 Dallas cops.

    I just registered because there was a flood in Maryland a couple of days ago (August 1st or 2nd I believe) and many lost their homes and 2 people died. It was a really bad flood.

    When does it become morally wrong to try to make a profit from someones death or some unfortunate accident?

    Or do you not see this as morally wrong, Is it "Just business"?
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  2. Rory Ivey

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    I think it comes down to your individual convictions. Big domain companies register people full names whether they are dead or alive.
    My first encounter with this was during the occupy protest. I thought it was a good cause when it just started and I didn't feel right registering the domain. Not long after I learned someone in Florida registered the same name and sold it for 8.5k.

    I thought, so much for conviction and trying to play the wrong and right card. I realized it was just business.

    Someone's death especially if it gets national attention is a little more sensitive.
    I avoid buyer such names but have bought one before. It happens a lot. I think it's bad for business if you have an established brand. For that reason I would avoid it. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's wrong but it's definitely not in the best taste, not good for business or integrity.

    If you don't have an established brand then you can get away with being an opportunist from dead people...or tragedy.

    Its just business for some people. Like registering the name of a flight that crashed. Or of a deadly virus or celebrity deaths, etc

    It comes down to your personal convictions and how you want to represent your values and brand.
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    I don't think it is a good idea. I don't think it is more profitable nor can you build a good business with it.

    I don't think it will bring happiness in your life.

    One thing to keep in mind. The media makes a lot of money from death and tragedy too. Do you think they care or they care more about the ad impressions tragedy will generate?
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    Funny that you mention virus because i also checked

    Although i check for peoples name to register when they die sometimes...i dont think I would ever actually register their names, it wouldn't feel right. Natural disasters, im more lenient with.
  5. vast

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    I think such things are always morally wrong. And the fact that someone else is doing the same (even media companies etc.) doesn't make this more acceptable. I personally stay away from any names with the negative context - also including different disease names, although some of the well-known domain investors seem to consider them OK (can't get that at all...). And, finally, let's be honest - domain investing on its own is not perceived favorably by most of the people out there, so why to add the additional negativity?
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  6. baseballworld

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    Some would and will see it as morally wrong especially with death and some will see it as just business as usual. I mean when you think about it if its wrong to benefit from a death then why would those same people cash a life insurance check in a heart beat?

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