When do Expired GD Domains go to Closeout? Wtf?

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    It's been a few weeks since I've been frequenting the GD market but I'm noticing something has seriously changed that hasn't been this way before...

    For years, auctions that ended without bids would go to closeouts immediately following, usually within 5 minutes. Is it not this way anymore?

    The last few days all domains have been going to closeouts hours after ending, and at random times, sometimes a couple hours, sometimes 3 or 4 hours. Is this something new GD has implemented or Bot activity responsible for this?

    I tested this out by adding a bunch of crappy domains to my watch list that no one would want, domains that made no sense, but even those didn't go to closeouts immediately after the auction end, they went to closeouts hours after. This lead me to believe that they weren't being sniped manually. Unless every single domain that ends at auction is being stored and scanned through since I'm finding the majority of domains I like are not even reaching closeout, never this way before.

    Any info?

    Also, while I'm here, I notice some expired domain auctions are getting a $10 bid instead of $12 and it's reading "AuctionMerge" in the bidder info, how do I get this discounted bid? Bidding at multiple domains at once?

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    Yeah it takes hours now. Been that way for a few months. No idea why. I think the 10 dollar bids are backorders.
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    has it ever taken more than 2 days?

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