What's the best price for " domain?

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    I own the domain name “”.

    A German Internet Provider (iS-Fun Internet Services GmbH) contact me asking if I want to sell them this domain to one of their clients because he is interested in it.

    I this their client is “Rocket Internet”, a German Internet company that builds online startups, or “HelloFood”, one of the arm global startup owned by Rocket Internet.

    HelloFood/FoodPanda (global online food delivery marketplace) are the fastest growing Rocket Internet ventures, and has now raised US$218 million.

    I am thinking to build “” as “restaurants search and directory” in Canada (like:, but for Canada) or as a “food recipes website” and do it as an online business based on advertising).

    Do you think it is better to build te website as I said or to sell them the domain name.
    In case I want to sell them the domain name, what is the best price for it?

    Thank you very much in advance.
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