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What would your IDEAL domain name auction platform be like?

Labeled as question in The Break Room, started by McKay Taylor, Jul 25, 2016


  1. McKay Taylor

    McKay Taylor Established Member

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    There is so many different places to list domain names for auction (e.g. Flippa, Godaddy, Sedo, namejet etc..)

    Each one of them having their own unique "spin" on how they actually run these auctions.

    Some have large listing fees, while others just take a larger post sale commissions.

    Some allow long descriptions promoting the potential use of the domain name, while others don't even allow a real description about the domain name at all.

    And one of my personal "favorites", does the platform actually even make the seller/ and or buyer "follow through" with their domain sale and/or bid if they "change their mind"?

    There is a ton of these different types of scenarios I could list, in which I have personally dealt with... But I think you all get the gist. ;)

    So to my question:

    If we (as domain investors) had the ability to build our own "Ideal" custom auction platform; what would you have in it? What would you do differently or change that the current platforms just aren't doing?

    I personally would like to see some cleaning up of "the clutter", and all the other junk domains listed throughout all the platforms which are making them so over saturated that finding any solid domains in auction is quite a chore!

    But what about you? :laugh:
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  2. DomainAgency.com

    DomainAgency.com Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I would like to see more of push on using social media to promote these types of auctions. :)
  3. McKay Taylor

    McKay Taylor Established Member

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    Totally agree, getting a good feed of legit social media activity so auctions can actually attract and reach "end users" would be a nice addition!
  4. DU

    DU Secret Santa VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Let's translate:
    "the clutter" = everyone else's domains
    "finding solid domains" = someone else who mispriced something (i.e. bargain)

    End users know what they want and will find a domain that they want at any platform.
    You're looking for a single platform where you can gain full exposure and make most money while everyone else settles for low ball numbers.

    Not going to happen. Everyone is chasing money - one persons clutter is another person's CHIPS with various sides.
  5. Domain Lead Finder

    Domain Lead Finder Established Member

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    I would personally like to see a platform where they take 30% of the sale BUT they use most of this to attract end users by marketing their platform to said crowd. Flippa and Sedo are widely not known by end users and are just expensive "Buy Now" pages.

    I have learned to stay clear of the words "free" and "cheap" when doing business because it ends up costing me later on in one way or another.

    I would also like to see a listing fee, so that large portfolios of crappy names cost to list.
  6. McKay Taylor

    McKay Taylor Established Member

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    While I agree those are valid points, along the lines with what @Domain Lead Finder said above, the goal for any domain name sale or "auction platform" is to get the domains into the hands of "End Users".

    I know that I'm not the only one in the business who not only is a domain investor, but also a "end user" for domains as well.

    There are many good names that never even see the light of day on a auction platform, because of "The clutter", that if i would have seen I would have bid on as a firm end user, or even paid a bit more then "wholesale" on the investment of a domain name, if I even had any type of future plan on using it.

    I feel like many of those types of names fly under the radar, can't be found, or don't even get listed in auctions because sellers feel like they are going to get screwed over at an auction (paying crazy fees, not properly getting the exposure they need etc... and above all the lack of auction platforms really attempting and market to end users and also accepting every single domain name submitted under the sun reg fee or otherwise.

    Just my 2 cents
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  7. biggie

    biggie GreenFriendly.com VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    What would your IDEAL domain name auction platform be like?

    it would be like 2006


  8. WilsonM

    WilsonM Established Member

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    It is such a great question and I want to offer my perspective.

    Although I used to buy domains for my own sites and for my clients I never really thought of domaining until now.

    These past days/weeks I have been researching the space and after learning about all different platforms that we have to navigate and make use of, I ended up having the same question.

    My answer so far at this point of time would be something like a mix of Uniregistry & Flippa.

    Uniregistry can do it IMO if they really turn their 'Market' feature as a full fledged 'Marketplace'.

    It can do away with listing fee and empower users to buy and sell among themselves via auctions etc.

    They already offer a registrar, CRM, parking, payment etc. Just add a real auction marketplace and things can become really simpler and interesting.

    Plus a forum for just Uniregistry users would complete the jigsaw.

    I am actually silently rooting for Uniregsitry to go all the way.

    NOTE: I am not a Uniregistry affiliate or something. Just a very new user happy with it so far. I think has the potential to be an ideal auction platform in the near & long term. It is a matter of forward integration.

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