Is the domain auction platform "market" so saturated that a new one can't succeed?

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    Don't do it to save yourself transaction cost on the platforms. There's too many hidden costs in that business and also risks that can lead to more costs, potentially catastrophic cost to your business.

    Watch Lamar Jackson videos instead. Or bunnies or cat videos. Be happy. Play video games. Talk to people. Sell on the existing platforms.

    I do not want to discourage you, but this how I'm playing it.
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    Is it an ego thing, or perhaps related to low sell through rate? I mean in other forms of trading (Stocks, Sports) it's fine to "leave some money on the table for the next guy", as long as you trade out to profit. Also with Vintage/Antique physical goods if someone else buys it and sells it for more, that is no problem to the original trader as long as they make a profit. Both of these forms of trading have high turnover rates.

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