question What tools to do this : check a word is used in which languages

For example this word : foro
Its mean forum, in Portuguese language

I am searching tools that know/listed in which other languages that is using foro as a word too, other than Portuguese. For same or different meaning

I've seen it in NP before, but cant found it again now. If you know, please share
Thank you & GBU for all that answering
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When I want to know a word in a different language, the first thing I go to is Wiktionary.

Appreciate that you taught me that foro means forum in Portuguese. It also means type or class as well. In Esperanto, it means distance, a far place. Latin? I bore or I pierce. Plenty of other languages for this word as well along with other entries with symbols you won't find on a standard US English keyboard.

It'll be your best friend if you are looking up other words in foreign languages.
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