What time is your record for earning back the reg fee with parking?

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    Good morning,

    Yes, we all know parking is not what it used to be. Yes, we all know how developing sites most probably is a better way to monetize most domains.


    I believe there are still some opportunities to get some passive dollars from parking if done right. You may argue that it is not worth the time or effort, and in most cases you would be right. But still, it is a fun thing for me to hunt down domains which could just sit there generating money with literally 0 effort after registration.

    I naturally consider any domain that makes back the registration cost within a year to be a hold in terms of parking. So my question is related to this:

    In recent times (let's say post-2015), how many days/months is your record for earning back the registration cost of a hand reg domain via parking?

    I'll start:
    Recently, I have found a name that took 18 days to earn back it's reg cost. Made me really rethink how I treated parking before, and made me realize that if done correctly, there are still some good opportunities in this field.
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    I'm doing some testing with about 40 keyword domain names, I know they get traffic the question will be if the traffic is worth it or if it's better to put a for sale lander.

    Me personally if I could buy and hold an asset that generates me passive income I would hold it for a long time, just like dividend stocks and not have to worry about selling... however if my test shows that parking is still not worth it then I'll switch back to a for sale landing page.

    If anyone else is still generating revenue from parked domains I'd like to hear your story, it seems like domains will soon become obsolete since most people spend their time on their smartphones playing with apps... or watching Youtube videos.
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    Parking Vs sales. = Pennies vs Good $$$
    Parked domains Vs For sale Lander ( sales ratio 1: 10)

    Atleast IMO
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    well ... to have park revenue u need special domains that fit some criteria.. not just any whatever domain.

    as for selling parked names.. lets all be logical... do we really believe a buyer who wants your name will somehow magicaly feel less compelled or inclined to click a forsale banner on parked page (as long as its clearly visibile on top, and not hidden somwhere at bottom)... vs reaching u via sale lander.. the answer is... no.

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