What should be the criteria for brandable domain? What should be the price deciding factor ?

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  1. Debasis

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    The value of a domain cannot be measured untill it finds the right buyer. What's your thoughts?
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  2. Ategy

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    There are so many variables when it comes to establishing the value of a brandable.

    Some of those variables and based on metric and data and science .. from those vague amounts of value can be added and subtracted to the total value.

    But at the same time some of those variables are more artistic than scientific. A clever play on words might have zero tangible positive metrics from which to add value .. yet significant value can be added to the domain for subjective artistic reasons.

    Ultimately it's generally impossible to establish a consensus on the exact value of a brandable domain because each person attributes different levels of importance to each of the countless "scientific" and "artistic" elements that make up a brandable domain name.

    As such there really is no single, nor specific set of "deciding factor(s)". As you get more and more experience you'll be able to attribute vague educated guesses for each element relevant to the specific brandable in front of you, and come up with a fuzzy range of potential "retail end-user price" and of likely "sell-through-rate" (both are equally and vitally important to establish a profitable portfolio).
  3. karmaco

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    I disagree a value cannot be assigned. Value can be determined within reason on keyword based names. How popular how hot is the word, how many types of businesses could use it, how many end users,how many extensions registered or in use, how short is it,etc.

    Made up brandables with no indication of a real word are harder to measure and are more risky imo unless they are 4 to 5 letters, suggest some real word and are highly pronounceable.
  4. AEProgram

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    The most valuable brandables will be

    1. Real 4L word or mix like eBay

    2. Only one way to spell (Lift not Lyft when we are talking the most valuable)

    3. Pronounceable (Uber, Ebay, Trip)

    After that you have made up words that can be pronounced and spelled easily. Twit, Sliv, Tema :xf.wink: etc (I don't own any of these).

    Next are real words but misspelled, these will require more marketing and branding, Lyft is an example.

    Next you have 5L real words .

    Obviously real keyword domains like Glasses etc are in a different category.

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