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What is your target profit on a flip?

Located in General Domain Discussion started by hookbox, May 15, 2018.


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    i've never been much of a flipper but I think it makes sense to explore all avenues. When it comes to flipping names what would be your target profit to consider a flip successful? I could see doubling your money on a $500 sale makes sense. Turning $500 into $1,000 Is a no brainer but doubling your money on an $8 handreg to me would be a waste of time.

    How do you figure out what percentage of profit to target? I would think that as the sales price of the name goes down the percentage of profit should go up. 1 time your money on a $500 sale is great but I would at least want 10 times my money on a handreg. How do you find your sweet spot?

    Any and all thoughts about the subject are welcome. Thanks for your time.
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