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Do you mean a NamePros auction or an auction at a site like GoDaddy or Dynadot. They might be the same, but I am not sure that they are.

It seems you need to start low to get interest, although that is risky, unless you set a reserve (which you can't do on NamePros).

Ideally you would start slightly below the absolute lowest you feel you could take for the name, but in some cases that may lead to auctions that do not start.

In terms of strategy when (time/day) you start an auction and finish it can also be important, as can effectively getting eyes on it by having it listed under featured auctions, in your signature, perhaps on social media, and of course bumps.

On NamePros your title for the auction makes a difference, so make sure it highlights your name effectively.

Also, information to help support the worth of the name, fairly and clearly presented, helps I think.

There is also an art to the BIN price. Too high and ignored, too low and you may be leaving money on table. Probably best to set it after you have seen a day of bidding.

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What makes auctions appealing is the bidder trying to get a good deal. A lot of domain auctions I run are no reserve auctions but of course, this is a risky strategy because you have to be willing to sell your domain for whatever the auction ends at.

I notice when there is a reserve price, there isn't much action BUT it's a much safer way with a lot less risk.

It really depends on what works best for you and what type of domain name you are actually auctioning off.


I wrote two posts that may be relevant to your question:


The minimum price should be the price you're comfortable/happy/need to sell at.

For Example, if you really want to sell your domain for at least $300 but you need $100 to pay your bills so that is the lowest you'll accept, then your minimum price might be $100 because you can at least pay your bills at that price even if the domain is worth $800. Sometimes you might risk a lower minimum price to get more activity/bidders interested (Which can result in a higher sale price than if you had a higher min price), but you have to be willing to accept that risk and understand that it might pay off or it might not pay off.

You can create package sales on the NamePros Marketplace easily.

One of the most effective ways to liquidate domains is to run a winner’s choice auction where you have a lot of options and allow the winner of the auction to choose one or more of the listed domains if they win the auction.

There are also members on NamePros requesting to buy domain portfolios that you can submit your portfolio to:

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