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What is restricted on the Registry level?

Labeled as question in General Domain Discussion, started by Paltzar, Sep 19, 2020


  1. Paltzar


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    hi all
    i found available domain at Namecheap and i purchased it but i don't see it in my account i call Namecheap support told me this
    The registration of this domain name is restricted on the Registry level. It is not available for the registration at all."
    what is that mean and why i see it available?
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  2. Ategy

    Ategy Arif M, VIP Gold Account

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    It's because sometimes the registrar you are at has a bad connection to the restricted/premium lists of some registrars. Can be for a few reasons like a bad connection, or the database server is down for maintenance, etc. For some small registries there simply might not be enough reserved domains to justify maintaining a database, in which case you'll get an error every time.

    For .com, all 1 and 2 character domains that did not already exist before a certain date are not allowed.

    ALL TLD's have NIC.__ reserved as it's supposed to be what the registries use to post info about that specific registry.

    Many ccTLDs have domains with national significance reserved. Such as {city}.ca or

    Obviously many ngTLDs have domains reserved as premiums where they reserve them for people willing to pay higher prices.
  3. bruhne

    bruhne Established Member

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    I had something unusual like that happen when I was registering through namecheap. It said the name was available, but when I tried to register it, it failed and said the name did not exist. Then I got several emails from namecheap saying the name was approved by the registry. To make a long story short, I'm pretty sure I got the name for free. An unusual situation it was though. Took a week or more to get it to show in my account, while it showed as registered in several days in advance.
  4. Ategy

    Ategy Arif M, VIP Gold Account

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    20ish years ago (long before I was a domainer) I actually had the single character domain in my account (dash dot com) before it eventually got removed.

    So to add to the list, no domain can start of end with a dash. (I'm not sure if ccTLDs and ngTLDs also have that rule in a similar way that they are allowed to sell single charater ngTLDs).

    Also .. many TLDs do not allow for certain or possible subsets of xn-- within domains (puny code / emojis). Pretty sure .com only has about 7 emoji domains that were grandfathered before hey stopped allowing them.

    When I mentioned no 1 or 2 character domains for .com before a certain date, note that that date was sometime around 1993 .. 1993 the Internet Assigned,digit domains in .com,
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  5. tonyk2000

    tonyk2000 Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Some domains, even though are technically acceptable as per DNS internet standards, simply cannot be registered. They would be shown as "free" or, depending on whois setup, "reserved" or similar. So, it appears that NameCheap responded correctly. The reason is the meaning of domains in question. The lists are determined by ICANN, registries and/or local authoriries in cases of country codes. Such domains are related to Red Cross, Olympic Committee, GNSO, icann and other internet regulators, country names (states, territories), etc, etc, etc.
    On a spot view:
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