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  1. Brands.International

    Brands.International formerly lolwarrior Gold Account VIP

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    So, I submitted one of my better names, domain name express / news into Top section, as following:

    "Taking serious offers ($ xxx xxx) on probably one of 3 best domain names in .news extension. Express / News can form truly global brand for any news organisation worldwide.
    Registrar - (Transfer OUT is OK). Renewal is only $120 / year.
    Payment Options - or imported escrow"

    Was NOT choosen.

    What I am learning from it: person who made selection process seems to believe, that express / news is "less liquid / less valuable / less ... you define it" that snoopily / com and/or similar names which are curently choosen to be in Top secton. No one can argue with this - as it was correctly stated above, valuation is more art then science.

    But the Top domain section should (just my assumptiom here) serve us, Namepros Users - and if you do make poll to ask Namepros Users what they would prefer to have in Top section, there is a large probability it would not be snoopily :)

    Also, it is a fact that 5 years after introduction of new gTLD domain names, we can not get even very good new gTLDs to Top section and actually there are 0 new gTLD names there at the moment of writing. This is not in favour of those of us who invest in this category of names. I do not wish to invest in legacy names, and I do not have time to go via mostly very bad quality submissions in New gTLD section, or to always open WLTB threads and basically to investigate which Namepros User has which good new gTLDs. If there is something of high quality and with reasonable renewal fee, I would like to see it in Top section :glasses:
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  2. JB Lions

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    There hasn't been a reported .news sale over $1,000 in over 2 and 1/2 years, just 1 reported sale this year for $122. Now, if somebody submitted a,, type of new gtld, then I would let those thru.

    Didn't see it. You have to look at it from a normal domainer perspective. 2 names I wouldn't even hand reg, in the Top Domains section from same person. They stick out like a sore thumb.
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  3. Brands.International

    Brands.International formerly lolwarrior Gold Account VIP

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    @JB Lions sure, that is true, but it is because .news is so called narrow new gTLD extension. It means (you know that of course, so I just re-iterate) that you have few really good keywords which makes absolutely perfect match with it. Few of those good names are (as I have researched for .news already long time ago) distributed among private investors like me, while majority of good keywords for this extension are, of course, held by registry, and if they are sold, they would be sold for pretty high price (if I can guesstimate that, as we all know this registry made already some record sales in new gTLDs). And so this is the reason why you do not have tons of reported sales on namebio. But once good combo would be sold in this extension, you would probably see new new gTLD record. Just my prediction.

    Just to add, would that be broad extension, like .top or .global, you would have much more reporting in namebio. So purely from number of records in namebio we can not derive value of particular new gTLD extension ... especially when it is pretty niche, like .news :)
  4. Mod Team Bravo

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    Breaking.News would likely get approved by everyone on the team if there were slots available. Express/News may only get approved by some team members when slots are available.

    Please keep in mind that if a domain name is not approved today, it could still get approved on a different day when there are more slots available. Learn more.


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