What are good websites to dev to make $$$ fast?

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    As someone who just recently got lucky selling I'd like to invest a little on developing some of my domains to generate a steady cashflow. Whatever some good niches that are easy to start and can immediately generate income?

    Throw out some ideas just by saying keywords.

    Affiliate sites?
    News sites?
    referral generator sites? (like a lawyer website where people submit their info via a form and send that info to lawyers?)
    RSS/XML feels of affiliate progams?
    I have yahoo and I always see these "content ads" that look like part of "related articles from Yahoo but when you click you get taken out of yahoo and get sent to an external website.

    Usually is bait click websites with articles worded like

    "Stars before and Now! Oh how they changed for the worse!"
    "15 best ways to please your man."
    "10 best ways to please your woman"
    "how to clean your house organically"

    It's usually a page with just a two sentence paragraph and a big button below that says NEXT.

    I assume the biggest problem with starting a website is promotion and getting backlinks. Is it really that hard? Can it be outsourced cheaply?

    I'm curious to know how domainers generate income to maintain their domaining "hobby" or business.
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  2. NickB

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    I follow the rainbow for my income........


    Seriously, I just use a small proportion of my commission for this hobby. I did dabble with some sites, but it become to time consuming and I found outsourcing would not of been very cost efficient for me personally
  3. nwtalvin

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    I think blog of somethings like coupon or other type , will be have more potential
  4. ecomslice

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    im into these projects now, it is long term game ,
    for a quick buck hit the OTC stock market. try Tvix over the FED announcement.

    My current dev project has a 12-24 month turn around before you see any potential income. thats how google ranking works. days of quick bucks were for the early birds before dilution.

  5. jamesosix

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    websites can be hard work. You got the constant also changes from Google, constantly need to source high quality content, need to ensure the site stays safe from hackers and on top of all that, you could have the best website ever, but if you cant get visitors to it, then its never going to get seen/used.

    Its not to say it cant be done, its just very time consuming for little return early on.
  6. JayT

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    You know backlinks can hurt, you need to build them extremely slow, if at all. A lot of it depends on what kind of site you build. It doesn't happen fast, usually taking at least 6 months to see lots of growth. Content, CTR and time spent on site will help you rank higher.
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  7. NameJi

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    Buy already developed and revenue generating websites. Take it from there.
  8. secretagentdad

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    Hire a couple of loud people off forums, blogs, and social media to write regular columns that have written articles about your niche domains general keyword category in the past.

    Pay them enough they actually promote their own work.

    Have a decent brand and domain name. Especially exact or partial match ones with strong industry tie ins.

    It does actually work, its not some internet guru legend. I got my initial bank roll flipping micro publications.

    That said, its not really passive. Managing writers, and making sure they don't pick stupid topics, and proofreading a bit is actually work.
  9. artstar

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    im digging for placer GOLD in southern BC Its the ONLY thing with REAL value!
  10. JayT

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    Ha, that's off topic. I have and .org but i heard .com is king. Then again, is way better! Domains and gold and other things can all have real value.

    Gold is great though, imagine something like "", the possibilities for charting and news alert website.

    I would invest in something you have a passion for outside of domains. I can list dozens of hobbies and it wouldn't hurt if I focused on any one 100% for awhile. As for a website, I say pick your favorite from the list and hire writers.
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  11. TCK

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    Those days are over, lamentably.

    This sounds about right.

    Also, I would stress that you shouldn't depend on G for all your traffic (and income). As already mentioned, too many algorithm changes have caused significant drops in positioning for a lot of sites. Frustrated business owners, etc.

    Yes, use a solid SEO strategy but don't just rely on G.

    There is too much noise online due to people creating cookie-cutter low-quality content sites using WP and free website builders that can be launched in a few hours or less. Those don't make money in any niche. You might as well park the domains, it will be less effort and make about the same revenue.

    The only way to gain real traction with your site and make it stand out from the field is with quality content on a quality domain name. Once you have an established site like that, you can look at the variety of options available to monetize it.

    Today, you should aim to build brands, not just websites.
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  12. JayT

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    ^yea, 99% of the people you hire are going to put on cookie-cutter theme and install the same pack of plugins they do for 100's of other sites. It will look professional, but it wont be special, it won't stand out. You need passion for whatever niche you pick and really aim to make it stand out and have the ability to put out content that brings people back.
  13. briguy

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    66,099 so old school, cannabis is at where it is at (my thoughts)

    Back to thread..personally I found that "internal linking" (one page linking to another(s)) is best and free and easiest.

    Also optimizing images (keyword description in the "alt" tag/attribute is also good..think Google images..
  14. Bob Hawkes

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    The idea of passive revenue is certainly attractive, but as others have said, to do it successfully is not easy and not really passive. If you were trying it, I would urge you not so much to look at what is hot but rather what you have expertise in and can contribute to in a way no one else quite does. If you are passionate about something and follow it anyway, then it is easier to put the effort in to make it a success.

    It seems to me that the hot areas already have so many people trying to cash in on traffic that they are really hard. I would see something more specialized as even though the numbers have lower ceiling, maybe you can get most of that traffic.

    Here is a (maybe crazy) idea but have you thought of a site on all things MENA. You have instant credibility as the person who sold a domain name for $25k in the niche. A site that links to MENA commerce, education, society, developments, opportunities, etc. A nice side benefit is you could advertise your own remaining MENA domains on the site and get more exposure.


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