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    I have started a weekly analysis of NameBio sales that provides for each day in the week the following:
    number of sales, average price, median price, number of sales above $1k, some names that struck me as important or interesting. I also occasionally mention names that had previous sales.

    While the NameBio daily summary includes some of this information, I think that it is worthwhile to have the median price for each day and the number of sales over $1k. In the very long term I am trying to see how these vary over long time periods.

    Oct 29 showed how much a few large sales can alter the average price for the day. That was the day the user sale was announced. If you take out only the top two (of 217) sales for the day the average price goes from $1402 to $499! The median price is off course insensitive to this, and also probably better represents the price that an individual domain investor might encounter. Keep in mind that NameBio is a mix of wholesale and retail price venues, and by no means all venues are reported.

    For the week I do a summary such as (for the week ending Oct 30) the one given below. The weekly report includes my 7 daily short summaries as well.
    • The number of sales per day ranged from 189 to 246.
    • The highest average daily price was $2113 and the lowest $471.
    • The median daily price ranged from $204 to $401.
    I will post the full reports on NameTalent. Here are the links to the two yet released.
    1. Oct 17-23
    2. Oct 24-30
    I also daily post each day on my Twitter account. I welcome any suggestions for changes in format or additions (although keep in mind that I keep each within the character limits for one Tweet). Also welcome any comments on whether these are useful to have, either daily or the weekly summaries.

    Thanks to @Michael for the incredible NameBio resource! These are in no way meant to replace the full NameBio Daily Reports that provide a detailed listing of all the names that sell, as well as complete information on names that went up and down in price from prior sales. One of those is released each morning at 9 AM Eastern time for any new to domain community who are not familiar with them. The NameBio Domain Discoveries daily report series should also be part of your reading!

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