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Web Hosting Canada (WHC.ca) Very detailed registrar review from a domainers perspective.

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    This review is not about their hosting service as much as it is about my experience with them holding my domains. That said the hosting experience probably won't differ a lot from what I have to say.

    So.... I registered about 250 domains with WHC when the $2 dollar special was on. Their interface was almost identical to that used at canspace.ca. The reason for that is because it is an out of the box software you can buy and then you have the ability to modify the code as you see fit. Both WHC and canspace have made some modifications but I find the WHC setup to be a little cleaner and more googlish (is that a term?).

    That said WHC is obviously based out of Quebec because it is French first and the control panel keeps resetting to French and it seems I am forever changing it back to English.

    The other day I decided to move a few domains from canspace to godaddy and it litterely took seconds to complete. No hiccups, no issues and a simple $10.99 transfer fee.

    Then I decided $10.99 was still more than the $9.99 I could get at WHC for a transfer so I went ahead and transferred 55 domains over to WHC.

    Here is my experience......

    The interface to do it was clean, simple and well laid out. The inputting of the transfer details could not have been easier. You could tell they are using decent software but that is where the good ends and the not so good starts....

    - They say I could use the bulk transfer but anything over about 20 domains and they start to drop them. I input 35 and only about 22 end up in my shopping basket. Now I don't know which ones were dropped so I have to check the whole list and process them again. It too a total of 3 separate invoices to finally transfer 55 domains.

    - When I originally registered in bulk I was also not able to successfully register more than 25 or so without drops. It took numerous invoices to register a couple hundred domains.

    - After the transfer I got an email asking me to input the transfer codes, which redirected me to my control panel (damn in french, change it back to english) where I promptly entered the transfer codes.

    - I get dozens of emails telling me the transfers were successful but about an hour later I get an email from every domain telling me there is a problem with the transfer and I need to re-enter the transfer codes. It redirects me to the control panel (damn in french, change it back to english) and when I get there it says the transfer codes were all already entered.

    - I call support and I get through instantly, it immediately sounds like I woke someone up and it is a one man show. I told him of my issue and he said hold and said he transferred on e of my domains manually. What I asked? you don't even know who I am! Then he said you are Mr ----- and I see your transaction. Wow... must be a small company, I had to give no credential of any kind.

    - He said don't worry transfers are instantaneous and I said I know that is what happened at godaddy but it seems mine are stuck at WHC. He assures me there is no issue but I tell him the domains have left canspace but I cannot administer them at WHC. He says a batch need to run overnight and all will be ok by morning.

    - Next day domains show in progress in left side bar but inactive in the control panel. I have no control and get an error message for every domain. I open a support ticket and watch over the day as each domain gets activated. The left column number goes down by 1-2 and the ones in the center control panel light up.

    - It appears the transfers got stuck and someone had to manually enter the transfers and as I checked over the day (damn in french, change it back to english) it seemed to progress nicely.

    Positives for WHC
    - clean interface
    - good customer service, got right through
    - great transfer prices

    Negatives for WHC
    - interface keeps changing to french
    - took a few attempts with customer service to resole my issue
    - bulk registrations and transfers do not work
    - renewal prices are too high

    Final Thoughts
    How does godaddy get it so right vs candian registrars who seem to still have a few hiccups with software that is not quite up to par for bulk transactions.

    I like both WHC and Canspace but am seriously considering paying more for godaddy domain club and about $1 more for registrations because of no hiccups and the fact that transfers/push to other domainers go soooo smooth.

    Having my domains sitting at 3 registrars vs moving all to godaddy and paying about $1,500 extra per year. I am a registered business so it is a complete deduction so my final decision will be based not only on price but also TIME spent because transferring back and forth for savings is also worth my time and money.
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    Liked the $2 sale. Don't like the interface. Still better than Rebel.
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    I took advantage of WHC when they had their $2.99 transfer in special last spring, I told a friend and we each transferred thousands of domains in. Someone probably got fired once management realized they should've had a limit on it... Or hopefully they had some sort of deal with CIRA to reduce their wholesale cost. I spent 3 straight days of transferring in domains as fast as possible in the hopes they wouldn't shut off the deal. But that was just too much money to not take advantage of it. Of course they're counting on renewals, but I'll will be moving domains out soon. For one, I still get better bulk pricing elsewhere, and, their interface isn't exactly great for large portfolios. Need much better bulk tools. I personally prefer Baremetal.com. Yeah, it looks old, because it is. But that old-school interface is fast, light weight, great bulk administration tools, and great customer service if needed.

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