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    We are hiring, but only 1 individual!

    (pls note: we are not looking for broker, we do offer fixed monthly salary)

    What we are looking for:
    - you are clever and energetic individual, with at least some knowledge of new gTLD domain names
    - you are great at sales, and very persistent
    - you LOVE to call and email people and have English good enough to speak fluently, you are very social.
    - you are YES person, always ready to avoid any frictions with clients - you have marketing skills. can create nice presentations
    - you LOVE to learn new things everyday - if you are domainer with your own portofolio, we are not interested - you need to fully focus on your work with us.
    What we offer:
    - monthly fixed salary (paid weekly) plus % from sales
    - we will teach you all know-how you would need

    What you get from the experience:
    - money
    - knowledge and reputation in domain industry in a field which is almost brand new (in case you will perform in a excellent way, which is the only way which is acceptable for us).

    Send me an introduction email at [email protected], with short description of what do you feel you can do with us, and WHY we should choose you. You must include your Namepros username, we will check your post history. If I like what I see, we will setup a phone interview together. People from all coutries are invited to apply, we do not have any preferences, it is all about your personality and ability as an individual.​
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