Watch out for NP Member - Olissa Kamel - scammer

Labeled as warning in Warnings and Alerts started by WillW, Jul 16, 2018.


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    I'm pretty sure this is the right approach..

    So I recently put out a post in the domain wanted section looking for, ect. (Probably over a week ago now)

    I got a PM today from NP member, Olissa Kamel.

    - He/she sent me a message offering the domain for $1250.00 USD

    When I first read the message I thought it was a great name to have but because of the price, I also thought it was too good to be true. I mean a domain like that one is worth a lot more than $1250 - at least in my opinion. I decided search around NP to find any information about the name or the seller. My search ended up landing me on the Warning & Alerts section.

    This post came up:


    I read in this warning, the former NP member/scammer Boris Vian tried selling the exact same domain to another NP member for the exact same price.

    This is what Olissa Kamel sent me today:


    I thought the original message was fishy to begin due to how cheap the offer was for a domain that's most likely worth 5-10x that on the reseller market, but after reading the other warning, I know for a fact it's a scam. All signs point to a scam.

    I'm assuming Boris Vian and Olissa Kamel are the same person.

    Just wanted to give a heads up to the other NP members on here.

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  2. Support Team

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    @Olissa Kamel's account has been restricted while we investigate.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  3. MSN-Domains

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    I asked him the same questions about the name.

    He refused escrow
    He refused to proof ownership of the name
    Refused a mediator to transfer the name

    He mentioned crypto only, by which point I blocked all future messages.

    He's posted some spam related traffic posts, all roads leading to he's a fraudster.

    I suspected this didn't want to be the one to call him out, without solid proof. Good work on the screenshot
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