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  1. Mister Funsky

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    Apologies if this is not in the right section.

    In the last several days a series of calls and texts have come in to the phone number associated with my domain name registrations and I feel I should warn other domainers in case you are getting similar phishing attempts.

    The texts range from offers on my property to texts that mention a gathering from which they have a video I would love. They say the offer for the property is great, but they need for me to confirm the street address for the 'buyer'. The texts referring to videos or pictures are wanting me to send my email address so they can forward the 'hilarious' or 'silly' video to me.

    I know this is associated with my domains due to the way my registrations are listed (my name) and the phone number (specific to domains) and this combination is not used anywhere else. At this point it is unclear from what registrar this information has 'leaked' but there is no doubt it is associated with domain registrations.

    As mentioned in other threads here, I have somewhat of a security background and I've been able to determine the inquiries are coming out of Florida...Bradenton/Sarasota area to be specific. I will update this thread once I have more information and/or locate the person/people behind this attempt at getting control of some or all my names.
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    everybody seo expert and their web designing momma, is doing spam phone calls based on whois info.

    so, it's no surprise if other mo-fo's have started using it too, for soliciting purposes..

    keep us informed.


  3. The Durfer

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    ive been getting the same thing. ty. :(
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    Really? You are getting it to I never saw this one before @Mister Funsky post. What a bunch of idiots.
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    Thanks for your
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  6. Mister Funsky

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    Just spoke to an old associate that was able to do some of the phone tracking for me and he was able to determine the calls/texts are coming from a burner phone bought at a Ft. Myers Dollar General.

    The person has not sent me another text since my response to them in which I said: 'sorry, but I am not the person you think I am, I just got this number last week'. I went ahead and picked up another phone number and will change my contact info accordingly just to be safe. With my phone plan, another number costs $20 per month and I will cancel the other number once the information at my registrars has been changed successfully. It might be the smartest twenty bucks I've spent.

    Just have to add that I am used to tons of spam/scam in calls, texts and emails but this is the first time things were a little too close for comfort in many years.
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