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    s.g Okay, you've cracked it. There is more to us...

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    Can you or your prospective buyer/end-user convince people to become evangelists for your future VPN business instead of only joining you as new customers? All of these people should follow you instead of just being billed by you!

    Think of Apple or Tesla.

    Most outstanding VPN providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN (and even little guys like VPN Unlimited) are communicating with their customers, setting new trends, and offering great deals. Not just acceptable quality and basic service. Nope. Not at all. Great deals. Great blogs. Great new ideas. That's how they transform and become big players.

    They dare to contact influencers and ask them to help them out. They are not embarrassed to randomly call their customers and enquire about how their business is doing, and then they give those feedback-providing customers extra freebies and, most importantly, they give them their respect. What do those customers do after they hang up? They recommend their VPN provider to their friends, they write reviews, and they become true evangelists of their favourite brand.

    Can your future business match this commitment?

    If so, a unique business opportunity is awaiting you (or your buyer). This is probably better than most COVID-19 era franchises. One thing is for certain:

    This domain is not going to represent an average VPN provider. More like a true VPN Tribe. Can you or your buyer handle a digital revolution 2.0?

    We hope so.

    Domain name:VPNtribe•com
    Transfer: push (auth. code)
    Expires: 23 October 2021
    Payment method: PayPal or Bitcoin (just opened), DAN, Epik, Escrow (will open those)

    Min. bid: $5
    Each follow-up bid: $5 or higher
    BIN: n/a or it will get set later on

    Auction ends 72 hours after the last bid.

    Enjoy! Not only this auction but changing the VPN game as we know it!
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