Veterans domainers, who behind the scenes, will still take the time to assist others.

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    I created this thread, to give a shout out to all the veterans (in and out of Namepros) that behind the scenes, will still take the time to assist others, being them new or older more experienced domainers and never get the appreciation they deserve.

    Since i enter the domain business, i reach out to some veterans seeking for their advice and guidance.

    When i reached out to this veterans i never thought i would get this many reply's back and assistance from them, because we got to be realistic they are busy people who receive enormous amount of emails from other domainers seeking for their help with questions, appraisal's, domains etc.. they just don't have time and pure patience to respond to every email, plus most of them got business to run.

    So i was amazed with the amount of reply's i received and with their sincere assistance, without asking anything in return just a pure "thank you" is enough for them. I always like to contribute to anyone who help's me, so i offered my assistance, but to be realistic they didn't really need any.

    So i decided to show my thank's to them by creating this thread to show the appreciation they so deserve for all the assistance they provided to this community and to me.

    Every feedback being of a noob, vet, positive or negative is good to help you evolve has as domainer, person etc.. even if it's negative it's from someone that took the time to add new information and a persons time is worth much more then money could ever be, so you should always show at least a little appreciation and respect.


    @biggie one of the most experienced veterans i ever encounter, thank you for being realistic with me, showing me where i was going wrong and for helping me envolve my negotiation skills, thank you.

    @Eric Lyon is not only the administrator of Namepros, he his also here to help you with his years of experience in the domain world. I also recommend anyone to bookmark is blog since he provides a lot of free/educational articles targeted at brandable domain investing, brand development, and new start-ups.

    @frank-germany who was ready to help, giving me a realistic feedback on my domains and what area/category i should pursue.

    Also to other members that prefer not to be mention.

    " Thank you for your precious time, patience and for sharing your insights, that you gather from your many years of experience that are worth more then gold"

    One of them was one of the most creative person i ever met, thank you for showing me your tactics, the many ways i can approach a buyer and to open my eyes to think outside of the box.


    If you ever ad someone that helped you in the domain world being them noob's or veterans.

    Leave a comment bellow with your positive feedback on them or just saying "thank you", they took the time to reply and assist you the least you can do is thank them.
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    Thanks Nuno

    appreciation, sometimes is hard to show,

    just as criticism, sometimes is hard to take.

    while those with level heads, tend to bobble less


  3. Teddy7

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    It is nice to be nice! The world needs people like you Nuno!
  4. satyadeep singh

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    i am also need help and understand the name, how can i know which 2 word .com which one better?
  5. rafaelo0

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    @biggie i agree 100% with you.

    "appreciation, sometimes is hard to show,

    just as criticism, sometimes is hard to take.

    while those with level heads, tend to bobble less"

    Some people just become to deeply attach to their ideia and decision, for that reason and others they can't take criticism and will follow a useless road until they are completely burn out.

    My advice to those people is take the criticism and learn from it to apply to your next ideia. I'm not saying that the criticism is always correct just add it to your own info and make a conclusion from it, but just don't get to attach.

    Thank you @Teddy7 for the kind words. I'm just trying to contribute to the community, it's always good to be nice more positive aspects come from it then negative ones, like for example unity and trust which are the best tools to envolve as a society and as a individual.

    There's a old saying that is great for this example "If you pick up 1 stick you can break it easily but add more sticks and you will find out that it gets much harder to break them"


    @satyadeep singh There are so many aspects that go into you question "how can i know which 2 word .com which one better?" i can't possibly answer that question.

    The best advice i can give you is read every information you can possibly find here on Namepros every day and with time you will be able to answer your own question.

    I will give you a little tip so you'll have a point of reference to where you can begin. Start by finding similar sales of your 2 words domains.

    You can check namebio a great please to learn what's selling. I will leave a little example of what you can do in namebio to see which of your 2 words .com domain is more likely to sell.


    Imagine one of your two word .com domains has the keywords "bot" and "deals" ( then go to namebio type "bot" (word placement in the beginning) see the past sales for domains with "bot" at the beginning.

    Do the same with "deals" (only difference is the keyword will be at the end) and see past sales if theirs recent high sales for both keywords then you have a better chance of selling the domain

    Apply the same method to your other 2 words .com domains compare notes and make a decision from there.

    Note: highly recommend to learn more on Namepros before going crazy buying domains.

    Hope it helps.

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