.机构 very neglected, why?

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    .机构 means agency (simplified Chinese) and it has been available for public registration for ~2 years. You might as well say it has the lowest number of registered domains ever - 330! 机构 reg fee is around $14.

    Does China not like IDN? .中国 (China) has 330k registrations after only 1 year. That's not a big number, but it's big enough to make it the 6th most popular new gTLD among hundreds. .中国 is $50 to reg.

    机构 is not accredited by the Chinese government, .中国 is. How important is this fact?

    Granted .agency isn't the best extension, but of all .IDN available to Chinese (FEW), it is one of the better, IMO! Last month I was able to reg: 元, 影, 龙 = .机构. Respectfully, those mean dollar/yuan, motion picture and dragon...single character domains! They match the script of the extension and often are associated with agencies! There are literally 100's more like this available.

    What am I missing? Or not?
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