Verisign DNIB Q1 2020 (Registrations up 1.2% compared to Q4 2019) Strong Quarter for new gtld fans

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    Verisign released their Domain Name Industry Brief for Q1 2020. From the looks of the report it was a good quarter for new gtlds. An increase of 3 million registrations over Q4 2019. NEW GTLD DETAIL Total new gTLDs (ngTLDs) domain name registrations were 32.3 million at the end of the first quarter of 2020, […]

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    Thanks for report, @equity78 Country codes being down slightly in registrations surprises me, but since they include the 'free' ones like .tk, it may not mean as much as one thinks.

    The growth of .com/.net and overall about what I would have expected.

    The new extension growth at about 10% stronger than might be expected, although as your summary points out this is really driven by a few extensions like .icu that continue to explode in numbers.

    I had not looked at geographical new extensions previously. Clearly they are doing well in some markets, and not on the map in other markets, even within the same country (e.g. .nyc vs .miami).

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