Value of .io vs .com (and .net) for a tech company/website

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I'm evaluating how I should be pricing my .io names, as compared to .com or .net. These are all domains that a tech company would use. Many AI names. For example, let's compare AICloud.com vs AiCloud.io vs AiCloud.net. (iIdon't own these, and forget what sellers may or may not be asking for the names). All three TLD's are appropriate for a tech company or tech website.

Assume that all three tld's and probably many others are taken. What type of comparative value would you say the .io and .net deserve in comparison to the .com? Obviously there are many factors, and depends how how badly a company wants the name. So I am speaking in very general terms.

FYI: I don't believe the annual cost of the .io is a factor at all for any serious company. An extra $30 a year means nothing to a company.

Appreciate the input.
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I personally think it would be better to just base prices for your .io names off of reported .io sales than to the equivalent of .com or .net

I would rather show a potential buyer similar .io sales if I'm selling them a .io name.
.net is an oldie but not so goodie. It's the de facto second choice behind .com but frankly I've never seen it take off. I wouldn't compare any extension to .net. If it's a good name, the .io could be worth more than the .net.