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  1. Nazop

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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently in the process of trying to catch an expiring domain and I have just realized based on namebio.com that the domain name has been purchased in 2011 for 10 000. Therefore I wanted to ask you if it is a good I dea to rely on namebio? or does the namebio price mean nothing? (The domain name that I am talking about is
    supermechanics.com and as noob I can't see why would anyone pay 10000 thousand for it)
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  2. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Hey From L.A. VIP

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    The data is reliable. Sedo reported the sale to Namebio.
  3. Nazop

    Nazop New Member

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    Don't you find 10 000 a little too big for supermechanics.com?
  4. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Hey From L.A. VIP

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    Not based on comparable sales...

    supershot.com 2,502 USD 2017-12-15 GoDaddy
    superfinance.com 3,335 USD 2017-11-02 Sedo
    superfx.com 2,953 USD 2017-09-29 Sedo
    superskins.com 2,895 USD 2017-09-07 Flippa
    supergt.com 2,900 USD 2017-08-08 Sedo
    superschoollive.com 3,000 USD 2017-05-25 Sedo
    superslotscasino.com 3,900 USD 2017-05-08 Uniregistry
    superfond.com 2,640 USD 2017-03-08 Sedo
    supersonicgames.com 3,700 USD 2017-01-16 BuyDomains
    superwine.com 3,388 USD 2016-11-29 BuyDomains
    supero.com 6,406 USD 2016-10-11 Sedo
    superwin.com 2,100 USD 2016-10-03 Sedo
    superoffers.com 2,000 USD 2016-07-26 BuyDomains
    superfrau.com 2,950 USD 2016-07-20 BuyDomains
    supersilver.com 4,000 USD 2016-03-03 Sedo
    superfanatico.com 2,395 USD 2016-01-05 Sedo
    supertough.com 3,000 USD 2015-12-21 BuyDomains
    supercarro.com 4,494 USD 2015-11-17 GoDaddy
    superbaby.com 4,750 USD 2015-08-29 GoDaddy
    yogamechanics.com 2,000 USD 2015-08-19 Uniregistry
    supersunday.com 2,000 USD 2015-07-08 NameJet
    superschoolchallenge.com 3,750 USD 2015-05-20 Sedo
    superschoolmovement.com 3,750 USD 2015-05-20 Sedo
    superloans.com 3,227 USD 2015-04-25 GoDaddy
    superhr.com 3,500 USD 2015-04-24 Uniregistry
    superdriven.com 3,000 USD 2015-02-08 Uniregistry
    supermobile.com 4,622 USD 2014-09-10 NameJet
    superfx.com 4,000 USD 2014-04-16 Private
    superdev.com 3,000 USD 2014-03-26 Sedo
    supermed.com 2,077 USD 2014-03-26 GoDaddy
    supertitanium.com 3,000 USD 2013-12-15 Afternic
    supergadgets.com 2,250 USD 2013-11-24 Afternic
    superchix.com 5,000 USD 2013-11-06 Private
    supersense.com 2,588 USD 2013-08-26 Afternic
    superdenim.com 4,000 USD 2013-08-21 Sedo
    superbaratos.com 2,903 USD 2013-07-17 Sedo
    superburrito.com 3,500 USD 2013-07-08 Afternic
    superfoodies.com 2,395 USD 2013-07-08 Afternic
    superforextrader.com 2,527 USD 2013-05-06 Afternic
    supercheapinsurance.com 2,500 USD 2013-04-01 Afternic
    superprof.com 5,000 USD 2013-03-27 Sedo
    superbarato.com 3,627 USD 2013-03-20 Sedo
    superoptions.com 4,500 USD 2013-03-18 Afternic
    supertrade.com 2,680 USD 2013-02-20 Sedo
    supersprouts.com 3,250 USD 2013-02-17 Afternic
    supermarketing.com 5,000 USD 2013-01-27 Afternic
    supersafe.com 4,000 USD 2012-09-30 Afternic
    superstaffing.com 2,000 USD 2012-09-19 Sedo
    superfoodsdiet.com 6,500 USD 2012-09-09 Afternic
    superbullet.com 2,088 USD 2012-09-08 Afternic
    superlista.com 2,703 USD 2011-05-18 Sedo
    supergaz.com 2,145 USD 2011-05-18 Sedo
    superprix.com 3,780 USD 2011-05-11 Afternic
    supertrends.com 8,500 USD 2011-03-24 Sedo
    supertomato.com 15,725 USD 2011-03-10 Afternic
    supermoving.com 7,500 USD 2011-03-03 Sedo
    supermortgages.com 7,500 USD 2011-02-24 Sedo
    superaccounting.com 6,500 USD 2011-02-11 Sedo
    supervoip.com 3,000 USD 2011-02-02 Sedo
    superflorists.com 3,000 USD 2011-02-02 Sedo
    superrealtors.com 5,250 USD 2011-02-01 Sedo
    superplumbing.com 10,000 USD 2011-01-25 Sedo
    supergreen.com 2,550 USD 2011-01-23 Sedo
    superled.com 3,000 USD 2011-01-20 Sedo
    superbrains.com 2,388 USD 2011-01-20 Sedo
    superprinting.com 4,000 USD 2011-01-19 Sedo
    superjeans.com 3,500 USD 2011-01-19 Sedo
    superemployers.com 3,000 USD 2011-01-19 Sedo
    superelectricians.com 10,000 USD 2011-01-10 Sedo
    superbetting.com 2,000 USD 2011-01-10 Sedo
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  5. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Hey From L.A. VIP

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  6. Galaxy Traveller

    Galaxy Traveller Established Member

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    Nope for a right buyer who need it. By the way I try to support start up individual by providing low price but not all the time.
  7. johname

    johname Planet Futbol VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Looks like Supermechanics.com was an Auto Service and Repair Q&A Site.

    10k not a huge amount for some people's big idea or buying someones elses big idea to make into a bigger idea

    Not all ideas work out.

    Hope you already caught it before talking about it. Good Luck
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  8. Michael

    Michael NameBio.com NameBio Staff PRO ICA Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    When using our site it is important to distinguish between retail sales (i.e. sales to an end user buyer) and wholesale sales (i.e. sales to a domain investor). This isn't always easy because some venues, especially Sedo, are a mix of both types of sales. Other venues like NameJet and DropCatch are almost exclusively wholesale. GoDaddy is a mix but it leans much more towards wholesale, same with Flippa. If there is a venue you are unsure about, search only that venue with no other fields filled out to get a sense, for example try Uniregistry and you'll see 99% of the sales are crazy so you can be confident their sales are retail.

    You sometimes have to do some more research, for example in this situation you could search for two-word .com domains where the first parsed keyword is "super". Here's a quick link:


    You can see from the results that Super[Keyword].com sales are often $xxx to very low $x,xxx wholesale and can pretty easily be $x,xxx to even $xx,xxx retail. That means the Sedo sale was almost definitely retail, which you can confirm by looking at the screenshot history of the site or looking at Archive.org. From the latter you can see it was forwarding to SuperPages.com and was an end user.

    It is nice when there are this many results, both at the wholesale level and the retail level, because it helps to confirm a reasonable price. Obviously wholesale comps show you around what you should expect to pay as a reseller. When the comps are mostly retail you should probably divide that price range by 10 to figure out around what you should pay. In this case since you have a lot of both types of sales they serve to validate each other. If you take the retail range of mid-high $x,xxx to low $xx,xxx and divide by ten you get mid $xxx to low $x,xxx which is where we figured the wholesale range to be based only on the wholesale comps. So everything checks out in my view.

    That said, it having sold in the past for $10k doesn't mean it will ever sell again for anywhere near that price in your lifetime though, so don't treat it like a sure thing. Lightning doesn't usually strike twice, so don't get too carried away when you see an auction that previously sold for a huge price unless the domain is obviously really good.

    Hope this helps.
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  9. howudoin8

    howudoin8 Established Member

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    I would say NameBio is a pretty reliable source & many a times even I had been surprised as to how high a mediocre name has been sold.

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