UNR (Formerly Uniregistry) Joins NamePros

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    UNR (Formerly Uniregistry) Joins NamePros

    Uni Naming & Registry (UNR) is thrilled to be joining the Namepros community! With all of the big changes at our registry this year, we wanted to open a direct line of communication between our team and the community.

    Below is our first update for everyone, with more news to come:
    • UNR becomes a pure-player registry operator and backend services provider following the sale of its registrar,, to GoDaddy in April 2020. Read the press release.
    • Shayan Rostam joins as Chief Growth Officer to increase sales & adoption of UNR’s domain endings. He is best known for launching and popularizing .XYZ as their Global Director of Registry Operations, as well as masterminding .INC’s Member Benefits program as their Chief Registry Officer.
    • Raedene McGary joins as COO to expand UNR’s backend business. With 20 years of industry experience, Raedene was previously the Group Policy Director of CentralNic, CEO of .LA, and consulted for a number of registries and government ministries.
    While you’re here, we thought we’d share some of our favorite examples of UNR domains in the wild:


    Lastly, we offer VIP pricing to NamePros members interested in registering in bulk, including any of the 8,000+ dictionary word .link & .click domains that are now available for standard registration/renewal fees. View the list here:

    We encourage everyone in the community to contact us with questions, feedback, or to do introductions. DM us or email partners [at]
    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
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    Will Uni now respond to inquiries and issues here? This is a good news.
    Or. maybe this post has nothing to do with the remaining uniregistry dot com and is about just the ngtld registrar?

    If you can you please also clarify the status, position and availability of the following members ( ref.: ) Staff
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    As well as other members who tried to represent Uni/DNS here in different points of time. I think we had the Director of sales or of something posting here @ namepros for example... and the head of support dept, maybe other uni employees posted as well representing Uni
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    Thanks for the note, @tonyk2000. Yes, our goal is to address the community's questions and comments here. If it's a more personal issue, members are always welcome to DM or email us at partners [at] instead.

    Uniregistry Marketplace (ie DomainNameSales) and (the registrar) were both acquired by GoDaddy earlier this year, so the availability of the members of those teams would be questions for or GoDaddy. Our registry is undergoing a rebrand to UNR as a way to differentiate ourselves from the registrar and marketplace. Frank is still the CEO of UNR, and he may choose to post from time to time under his own NamePros account.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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