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    Want to know if registering a two word name could be a trademark issue like I saw a domain promotefresh or promotedb, then I went to check the word promote for trademark and it's registered. So will registering promotedb/com pose a trademark issue? Thanks for your reply
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    'Promote' is a common dictionary word used in every day conversation. It cannot be trademarked on its own. There is at least one trademark on 'Promote' as a custom logo (Mark 3). That doesn't protect the word, but the specific features of the logo. Promote Fresh is not a registered trademark as far as I can tell so that seems fine.

    Just to be clear, there are different types of trademarks. Mark 4 protects the basic text. So, for example, Coca-Cola is trademarked text. Mark 3 protects a logo. So Coca-Cola's logo (the combo of color/font/text) is also protected as a Mark 3. You can protect your logo without getting a trademark on the underlying word. Which is what appears to be the case here.
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    Beyond the obvious like
    For a trademark violation to cause an issue, it needs to "cause confusion in the mind of consumers". For example "Apple Records" (The Beatles), had no realistic chance to ever sue Apple Computer.

    A more modern example: TokeBay as an auction site would be a target for trouble, but as a travel site related to vacations in Canada there would/should never be a problem.
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    I agree with you that slightly difference in the name of trademark name should be fine. Until government it self doesn't force you to change your trademark name.

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