humor Top.Desktop acquired for $185,000

A serial entrepreneur and the owner of, Rolf Larsen purchased this domain name Top.desk for $185,000 and announced the same on LinkedIn.

He also mentioned that the company owns,, which have previously acquired.

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 8.38.51 PM.png

What do you think of this move from some of the top companies?
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Can't change the title of the thread now. There is no edit option now.
But even the comment that was there sounded serious.
Also, a founder like that who seems serious, and given that it wasn't facebook or Instagram, an April Fool prank was unexpected.
However, when I opened the websites, I see that the website is still under development.
Maybe he wanted some views on the domain name.

I got April fooled, twice today!

1) namePros website
2) Top.Desk sale

Any challengers who got fooled more? Lol