Tinder Swindler and Domains. Just saw on Netflix! Let's discuss!

Ok so just saw "The Tinder Swindler" show on Netflix.


Of course as domainers we see things differently yes? I don't need to explain the show. Just Google it or watch the show.
It's the top show on Netflix right now.

Anyways. As a domainer what caught my attention? (Spoiler Alert! Do not read below if you haven't seen the show and want to be surprised)

1. Somewhere in the middle of the show a woman that was "swindled" shows a screenshot of a supposed "legit" business email address to send photos of her passport and drivers license to a real business called LLD Diamonds whose legit website is LLDDiamonds.com. But the scammer gives the "Swindled" an .co email address with the domain LLDDiamonds.co .

That's right guys. Here is rea life proof that shows why businesses really should secure all versions of their domains in other extensions.

Did no one wonder why the email address was using a .co? That should have had alarms ringing for me.

So after this guy has been arrested. Who now owns LLDDiamonds.co?

2. Next just FYI soon after movie comes out these domains were registered below by this guy. https://twitter.com/timjurjevich


Also registered? Not by this guy above?


UDRP anyone?

Who wants to start up the discussion?
If there is a trademark on the shows that Netflix creates, I don't think there is value in this name.
Apart from that, how do you think someone with the domain name can use it? Will Netflix buy - No! Will anyone else buy - I don't think so.

I thought the same. lol
Top down