UDRP Thursday.com UDRP: Thursday Boot Company got the RDNH boot

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Thursday Boot Company filed a UDRP to usurp the premium, aged, generic domain name Thursday.com.

The UDRP failed because the Complainant’s marks were registered after the Respondent’s acquisition of the domain (registration: 1996) for $40,000 dollars in 2011. Not only was the transfer denied, the Complainant was found guilty of engaging in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH:)...
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Moreover, registering a trademark doesn't give authority over the domain names, unless under the conditions listed by the UDRP.

Even here, Thursday. com can be used for any purpose and they can't claim ownership of the domain, unless the domain owner tried running similar business or contact them to sell the domain or under few other conditions.

Under other cases, I guess the registrars snatch the domains and pass it or delete it to avoid issues (I am not sure about this though, but heard about it from few others posts)
Monday.com is the popular productive software.
Thursday.com was just saved from UDRP.

What about the other 5 days?
What is the punishment when guilty of RDNH?