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App maker gets matching .com, company rebrands and buys ccTLDs, and more end user domain name sales.

Sedo handled about a million dollars worth of domain name sales last week.

Some of the end users that bought domains include a company that’s rebranding, a very large job board, and an email marketing company.

Here are some end user domain name purchases at Sedo over the past week:

Welcome.co.uk £10,000 and Welcome.co.nz $5,500 – A company called ChatID has changed its name to Welcome. They connect retailers with brands. CNET owns Welcome.com.

Saily.com $4,500 – the buyer appears to be the marker of the Saily app and owner of Saily.co.

PharmaPeople.com $3,000 – LPC Executive Consultants Pte. Ltd., a headhunting firm that has a pharma practice.

SendLab.com $3,800 – Email marketing company Freshmail Sp. z o.o.

KeyLending.com $9,850 – Key Retirement Solutions, a UK financial servies firm

SmartScoring.com $2,000 – Ocaq Scoring MMC, a company in Azerbaijan

JobSpotter.com $5,895 – Austin, TX based job board company Indeed

XBglobal.com $18,000 – XpressBet, an online gambling company.

ClubNano.com $2,251 – Club Capital Group in Hawaii

FireproofGlass.com $2,995 – RAY-BAR Engineering Corp provides lead glass to shield against x-rays, and apparently fireproof glass, too.

WorkFone.com $2,899 – the whois record is private, but a website at the domain suggests it will be a system to manage multiple phone numbers, businesses, etc. from a single mobile phone. I’ve seen a couple services like this, which cater to individual entrepreneurs like me that have multiple businesses.

Source: http://domainnamewire.com/2016/06/23/end-user-june/
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WorkFone is good brandable. Excellent Buy.
PharmaPeople.com $3,000 => very good sale