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    These were all grabbed up during sunrise or first day of release. I have too many domains and these are the premium ones I'm dumping. I don't want too, trust me I know that some are worth a TON more then what is being asked here.

    The concept behind this block of domains is to use them with wild card subdomains. You can for example use THIS.COFFEE as "Try.This.Coffee" or maybe THIS.TATTOO becomes "Like.This.Tattoo?" or maybe "Come.Visit.This.Camp" (Yes you can sub-subdomain) what about "Come.In.And.See.Our.Bargins" or just use Our.Bargins. I don't care I just need to unload these to fund another project. So are you going to miss out on this one time ever offer???

    Here are my 44 domains for sale. You buy all or none. The price is $55,000 USD. Will transfer via ESCROW service.

    THIS.CAB Travel Transport Domains
    THIS.LIMO Travel Transport Domains
    THIS.EQUIPMENT Industry Domains
    THIS.ESTATE Real Estate Domains
    THIS.TATTOO Services Domains
    THIS.CHEAP Money Domains
    THIS.HOLIDAY Travel Transport Domains
    THIS.FARM Industry Domains
    THIS.FLORIST Services Domains
    CALL.REPAIR Services Domains
    CALL.SUPPORT Services Domains
    THIS.CONSTRUCTION Construction Domains
    THIS.INSTITUTE Education Domains
    AND.CONSTRUCTION Construction Domains
    AND.VENTURES Money Domains
    AND.HOLDINGS Money Domains
    THIS.CAMP Travel Transport Domains
    THIS.COFFEE Food Drink Domains
    THIS.MARKETING Professional Domains
    OUR.CAMP Travel Transport Domains
    OUR.COFFEE Food Drink Domains
    THIS.SOLAR Industry Domains
    THIS.AGENCY Business Domains
    OUR.BARGAINS Commerce Domains
    THIS.BOUTIQUE Services Domains
    THIS.CATERING Services Domains
    OUR.CATERING Services Domains
    THESE.SUPPLIES Industry Domains
    THESE.TOOLS Industry Domains
    AND.DIRECTORY Web Domains
    THIS.COOKING Food Drink Domains
    THIS.HORSE Sport Domains
    DISCOUNT.SUPPLIES Industry Domains
    THIS.GRATIS GRATIS Spanish for Free
    THIS.DIRECT Commerce Domains
    THIS.DIGITAL Media Domains
    THIS.CHURCH Religion Domains
    THESE.TOYS Industry Domains
    THESE.CHEAP Money Domains
    THIS.FURNITURE Industry Domains
    THIS.GUIDE Commerce Domains
    THIS.SCHOOL Education Domains
    THIS.RUN Sport Domains
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