The Domain Show (Free Domainer Conference This Week)

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    Hey guys .. just a heads up for those of you who aren't aware yet. I've been helping @Page Howe set up his increasingly significant virtual domainer conference that starts this Thursday July 23rd.

    About 30 industry leaders will be discussing a wide variety of topics over 3 days.

    The conference is supported by sponsors and so it's entirely free for you all to attend live.

    As a bonus is sponsoring the free add-on for you to get replays of the conference for free as well for an extended period even after the conference ends. Simply use promo code DAN2020 when you register (all of it free).

    I'll also be timing this week's The Domain Social(s) to be in sync in between speakers of the conference.

    Check out for a list of some of the speakers and all other details!

    Hope to see you all there in a few days! :)
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