The dangers of trends

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    @MapleDots, as a "trend" investor myself, I think you're offering some very sage advice here that folks would be wise to internalize...

    IMHO, one basic thing a lot of trend domainers don't understand about trends is that by the time they are being talked about on NP, most of the best kw's are long gone... (Often years before...) As you note, folks who "jump on the bandwagon" after the first 100-500 regs in a vertical, often do so to their detriment ... With domains, as with investments in general, diversification and quality is the key... As noted by several wise voices above, it's okay to grab a couple dozen names in a trend, but then you should move on to protect your downside... (And, if possible, sell a few trend names early during the initial "buzz" to carry your renewals at least 5-10 years into the future... (y))

    PS - One caveat I would note: Often a trend may seem moribund or played out, but there's still significant action going on under the surface... In other words, just because a "trend thread" in crypto/VR/cloud etc. on NP has slowed, that doesn't necessarily mean the action is over... (It's just over for those with sub-par kw names... As always, JMHO...:xf.wink:)
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    Excellent thread my friend. While I'm still relatively new to the domain world, my 50 years of experience in the big picture of life has afforded me the opportunity to carve out niche domains for the "golf industry", the "business and financial services industry", the "healthcare industry", and other areas of life involving things like travel, sports and other forms of recreation.

    Besides having just registered about 20 "Incredible" .com domains, I just uncovered another incredible niche that I'll be sharing with my Canadian friends who have been so generous with their sharing and caring.

    Thanks again MapleDots and MetBob.

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