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There's a lot to say about seo. Obviously a well wrote meta leads to a click via search, as does a nice domain, a myriad of things are helpful.

I've been writing sites awhile and I would like to show you a bit, on how POWERFUL ntlds are.

Now, keep in mind, this site is just a few month old. Google keeps most sites in a 'sandbox' environment for awhile, until trust is built, and see what kind of hard stats (ctr, bounce, time on etc) the site generates before seriously considering to rank it among more established sites.

Now, knowing a little bit about SEO fundamentals you know a 24% CTR is like a unicorn. since 50% of searches end in NO click, my URL is getting HALF the people that even SEE the domain to CLICK and visit > this is with only an average ranking of spot 7!

This site is not a 1 off, outlier. ALL newTLD can achieve these stats, with the right domain!
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