The .Bond Experience: Show n' Tell

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    Looks like the .bond extension has dropped their reg fee's from around $800 down to the $50's with the right registrar. So that's kind of cool, still mighty expensive though. There were a bunch of great names regged back in December 2020, so perhaps that's when the price changed.

    I don't normally take exception to pricey nexTLD's, and this is no exception. But with "bond" picking up traction within the crypto platforms and having a strong meaning in financial areas and historical human-relations, I thought to dip my toes in one or two names.

    By comparison, bond keyword-related domains in previous legacy extension sale values are meager to say the least.

    We'll see how it goes. As with any nexTLD, be smart with investing. A $50 .bond renewal domain is equivalent to many times over legacy registrations, but could also be n'th times the quality due to its exactness.

    I have as yet not seen a "premium" registry priced domain on this extension. Which is nice. I picked up:

    Blood • Bond
    Defi • Bond

    Please share yours in the thread or thoughts on it, or if you think James Bond would have wanted his EMD. Or if owning his emd would actually turn you into him.
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    $800 to $50 warrants a showcase?

    Still double .co’s fee... which is double .com’s.

    Heed attention, prospective new ngtld owners.
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  3. pb

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    It's a not-that rare surname in the English-speaking countries (100-150k people in total), so they may actually have a few thousand registrations from these. I'm not a Bond so I won't be getting any.
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