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The amazing explosion of 5n and 6n numeric domains

A few years ago, I had a small collection of 5n domains. I started buying them when the 4n names began to move. I waited about a year and, since no much happened with he 5n names, I dropped them all. Now, I clearly appreciate I made a mistake. Something similar is happening now with the 6n names.

This time, I will make sure not to make the same mistake. I am in a speculative mode with my numeric names and have started to buy...

What do you think about the explosion of the numeric 5n and 6n market? Do you think the 6n fever is here to stay or is it just a bubble?
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I think the value will only go up over time as the available numbers decrease. Although the rise lately has been increasing faster in value I would expect it to slow down at some point.