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The 50/50 Approach to Bulk Domain Portfolio Investing with Deepak Daftari

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    Think of the acumen, skill, and prowess one must ascertain to completely corner domain markets in bulk. We’re not talking one to two domain names to die for out of tens or hundreds, we’re talking hundreds of domains that jockey and rival one another in value that most simply couldn’t realize in an entire career.

    Well, our guest today, Deepak Daftari, has summited this domain peak a number of times, even losing hundreds of thousands along the way making high-risk investments in alternative extensions. From developing online portals for headhunting and education to cornering the .co.in market, all pave the way to Deepak birthing and refining of bulk portfolio buying and selling of premium domains.

    In addition, Deepak generously highlights his latest domain sales and pricing strategies, based on his 50/50 approach to bulk domain portfolio investing.

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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    Look forward to listening to this.
    Really like the variety of guest viewpoints you bring to your podcast, @Alvin Brown
    There is some tendency in industry to keep hearing the same voices, and I find your podcast is the place that I often hear voices I have not heard from before.
    Your friendly interviewing style, always it seems upbeat and positive, helps too!
    Thank you,
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  4. Alvin Brown

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    @Bob Hawkes - it's people like yourself that make this all worth it. I make every attempt to find a balance in the stories of investors, brokers, developers, and end-user customers that have unique domain intersections/stories. Thanks again!

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