(Tested) Private Registration vs Public Registration - Spam Results

Hello All,

I wanted to see what it would be like to conduct a test on winning a domain via Namejet via Private Registration vs. Public registration. The main reason for this is to gauge just how effective the private options are at various registrars. Now, my thought process was as an end user I would think you would expect some of the same results if you chose to do a public registration. I have to admit after conducting this test....it's really a wonder that any selling to end users via email/text/phone work. The results were shocking and honestly I will be adjusting my sales tactics after this test.

Now to frame this test I conducted:

2 domains won at auction via Namejet on the same day. 1. Public Registration and 1. Private Registration


Public Registration:

-- 152 phone calls
- 83 - Web Design
- 21 - Development Offers
- 34 - Random calls about various aspects of the domain: Renewals, Transfers Offers, Etc
- 24 - Direct calls and hang ups with a phone number tracing back to a domain related company

-- 39 Emails, Texts, Etc
- All are from design, development, etc various offers.

These were all received within 72 hours of the registration going public. I blackholed the phone number for this test as I didn't want it linked to my business etc.

Private Registration:

-- 0 Phone Calls
-- 1 Email

Again this was within 72 hours of registration going private. I have had no issues whatsoever with using privacy at Network Solutions, NameSilo, Namecheap, Etc.

I guess I wanted to share the results and to maybe open the eyes of those who send cold emails to prospective buyers and just how much spam one can expect from public information. I mean as a potential buyer seeing this would deter me from ever listing my information publicly anywhere.

Key takeaways: Private registrations are best and try to find a better way to contact your possibly buyers than email.

I may just be jabbering on and if you feel this way please let me know and I can safely remove this thread, but I felt it was an interesting insight into the inner dealings of the domain niche.


Blake :)
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It maybe the difference between the 2 domain names :) You need to do more than 1 test :) Just kidding @Blake. Nice info. Shocking.