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Hopefully I'm providing all the info needed. I'd like to sell each domain (no websites) or all 3 together. I've been listing them between 5k and 10k but obviously haven't gotten any bites. Even tried 50k, my hope was it would result in offers but didn't even get views. lol I'm just tired of paying yearly icann fees on these when I do nothing with them, but would prefer to get a good amount for them... so let me know your offer. Looking forward to selling as soon as possible.

The registration info is taken from December 12th, so the day count is off by about a month now.

stupidmovieblog.com was registered on:
Monday 18th of October 2010
years, 1 months and 23 days
or 4437 days

theeyemates.com was registered on:
Thursday 25th of April 2013
years, 7 months and 15 days
or 3516 days

radletz.com was registered on:
Tuesday 3rd of May 2011
years, 7 months and 8 days
or 4240 days

Godaddy evaluates them at...

Radletz - $1,248.00
StupidMovieBlog - $824.00
TheEyemates - $1,028.00

All they have going for them is the years they've been registered and the easy to remember names. No backlinks or any other value I'm aware of. :)

Registrar - all 3 are on Godaddy
Renewal Price - My yearly fee for each is about 20 bucks each
Renewal Date - TheEyemates renews 4/26/2023
Radlets renews 5/4/2023
Stupidmovieblog renews 10/18/2023
Payment Options - PayPal or venmo is best because I don't know of any other places :) Oh, cashapp is okay too.
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