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Stolen Domain - BUSINESSNEWS.ES - Buyer Beware!

Located in Warnings and Alerts started by bulkdomainz, Aug 7, 2012.


  1. bulkdomainz

    bulkdomainz Established Member

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    Hi all,

    The domain name BusinessNews.es is a stolen domain! The current holder was emailed to contact to arrange the return of the domain. It was stolen along with Kathryn.nl at DOMAINERSCHOICE which resulted in the kathryn.nl at being dropped and taken up by someone else! :yell: :yell: >:(

    Further investigation is continuing on the matter.

    Buyer beware! Do not buy this domain as you may end up losing your money! Owner will retrieve domain by all means! :blink: :blink:


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  2. sellingTLDs.com

    sellingTLDs.com New Member

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    Says the thread is 89 days old, how is it coming along with getting your domain/s back bulkdomainz? I found many of my domains i have at Godaddy are now listed for auction as well sellingTLD dot com and sellingTLDs dot com are both listed at afternic buy now $14,999 and min bid $9,999 i went to who dot is and took screen shots to have proof that I own the domains should any problems arise. Im just curious, does anyone know of Godaddy selling domains out of an account and then just saying here is what we sold your domain for, you didnt have a price and this is what we got? They said over the phone they dont know how so many of my names are listed in their auctions and to email auctions at godaddy. Seems a bit weird, I kinda wonder if i should not email,let them sell and then fight a battle where I indicate I wanted a lot more for the name than they have sold it for....if they got $14,999 from a buy now sale I'd probably be stupid not to take it than try and fight for $250,000, especially since I dont have the funds and would need a pro-bono solicitor/lawyer hehe any thoughts/past experiences?
  3. AlejandroGarcia

    AlejandroGarcia Restricted (Market) Trusted Contest Holder

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    lol I wonder why someone would bother stealing such a crappy domain.
  4. bulkdomainz

    bulkdomainz Established Member

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    Got it back .. and renewed it at domainerschoice. Still shows somebody else's email and name on whois at nic.es despite having notified domainerschoice of the incorrect data being displayed there.

    Sorry, I have no idea what the situation is with the names you have at Godaddy.

    Doesn't matter how crappy it is! I don't expect my domains to 'migrate' without my express permission.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012
  5. Grilled

    Grilled khjasdhkfdhdskfhhukdfshkj VIP

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    Hear! Hear!

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