Special Domain Services, Inc. - What???

I thought up this domain I want to register. I went to whois.sc and checked the status of it...

- There appears to be no registrant info available on the domain.
- It shows that it is registered without a site.
- It shows that the expiration date was 8-8-2007
- It shows that it is registered at Godaddy.
- The nameservers on the domain are...

So I looked up the whois on DOMAINCONTROL.com and it shows that godaddy appears to own that domain because the registrant, admin and tech contact show the address...

14455 N Hayden Rd #219
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

which is Godaddy's address (I believe), but the name associated with that address is...

"Special Domain Services, Inc."

So I'm curious. I have a feeling that this means that this domain was confiscated by Godaddy because the previous registrant might have done something illegal or otherwise something wrong with it.

Anyone know what it means when Godaddy takes over a domain under the name of Special Domain Services, Inc.?

Anyone know how long I might have to wait to be able to register this domain even though it expired 8-8-2007?



The More I Learn The Less I "Know"
Check https://archive.org/web/ to see if there was ever a live site on the domain... if there was a site and it looks like to could be a dodgy site then maybe the domain could have been confiscated by GD. The owner might have registered it for 10 years and it could have expired 8.8.2017 so it would be be in the grace period now...

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