Single or multiple domain name landers?

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    Lets start with the premise that you should have a lander for a singe domain name. This will be the source of many high interest enquiries. But is that all you should have? Should you link it to a themed collection of domain names? I can think of a variety of reasons for this.

    You could make more than one sale to a client.
    You could sell a higher value name.
    If your client can't afford the first name, he could purchase a cheaper one.
    The first name the client looked at may not be the best one for him.
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  2. That's a great idea to include a link to the main portfolio somewhere, though i wouldn't link to every other lander since it would be tedious to have to edit sold ones all the time on so many landers individually.

    I actually published a short article and example of a lander concept that converts visitors here that you might be interested in since you're on the subject of landers.
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    If inquiries are coming to you unfiltered name, email, phone, ip etc... you can always respond to the buyer with...

    A) Here's some other domains in the same category
    B) This particular domain is priced higher than your budget but here's some alternatives that fall within your budget range


    So whether your using...

    Bodis Sales Pages
    Uniregistry Set To Self Brokered
    Your Own Sales Page Script (What I'm Doing)

    You are building a database of contacts where an initial lead can be worked into a more elaborate sales pitch or alternative domain pitch over using an anonymous market where you have no buyer info.

    So can you link to your portfolio from all the sales landers=yes
    But as long as the leads come in unfiltered you can always pitch whatever ya want in your response to the initial offer.

    That's the beauty of unfiltered leads you're building possible relationships/your future from it. Anonymous offers no clue who your dealing with so no chance for additional or future recurring income.

    I've done both showed my whole hand and not showed my whole hand as I know I can work more domains if relevant into the inquiry responses anyway.
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  4. Kuffy

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    Name Silo will build pages based on the categories you include, and you can define your own categories. To remove a name, you just have to change its category, or sell it of course. :)
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    Domainers should hv their own "MLS network" with NP as the primary hub.

    They will list their names at their folio site, which is also recorded at NP database

    Domains from other folio should be displayed as sugestion to the buyer

    Just a simple idea .. im sure there are many more aspect to be checked
  6. SirDrago

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    Why doesn't NP build a feature where the user can show his/her portfolio when you click on their name?
    @Eric Lyon
  7. Thanks for the suggestion ;) :)
  8. baseballworld

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    I have also wondered which method would work best as well.
  9. frank-germany

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    a database and a php script will fix that

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