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Surprised no such thread like this exists on Namepros especially when high traffic domains with backlinks are the "holy grail" in the domaining world.

Let's discuss also how high traffic domains even with tons of backlinks could also be worthless.

If you can also provide the sites your domain has backlinks at that would be great for anyone reading your post. It's in your best interest to share those sites linking to you. But this is not mandatory.

You would also be providing a resource here for your fellow domainers by providing such a list.

Please note. Namepros prohibits users from posting links to other forums.

So here's one rule. DO NOT POST sites that link to you that is banned from being posted on Namepros. Figure out which ones those are on your own or your post will be deleted by Mods. You have been warned!

I have a few. I'll need to make a list and share later.
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