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Located in The Break Room started by Internet.Domains, May 21, 2019.


  1. henrypcyeung

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    @Bob Hawkes is one of the most polite, most unbiased and most contributing members in this forum. He deserves our best respect.

    Respect is one of the basics of interaction. No one respects you if you don't respect others.
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  2. Bertrell

    Bertrell Cannabolical Gold Account

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    I am a fan of @Bob Hawkes mainly because of the positive energy that resonates from the content of his posts and comments. I enjoy the consistent cordial and courteous nature of Bob's expression.

    My take on it is: I'm a lot less inclined to pay much attention to anyone who feels they must or can "get away" with bullying/trolling/belittling another NamePros member, especially one who generally brings positivity, optimism and no hidden or underlying agendas to NamePros.

    I consider Bob Hawkes a valuable contributor to the site (and domaining/domain investing in general); one who I respect and admire; even if folks say he tends to be long-winded at times.

    (Side-Note: I've always enjoyed reading, so it doesn't bother me if his posts sometimes contain LOTS of words :xf.grin:)
  3. creataweb

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  4. Support Team

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  5. BrandsOpen

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    Don't ever leave Bob. I read many of your posts with great admiration.

    You remind me of a certain "Red", from Shawshank Redemption (without the criminal background ofcourse!).

    Intelligent, kind-hearted and trustworthy.

    Thanks to you, and many others, I'm getting something done.
  6. Bernard Wright

    Bernard Wright Established Member

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    @Bob Hawkes is the reason I joined NP. I had read some of his posts and they drew me in. I’ve said it before: Bob is the NPMVP in my book.
  7. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP

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    I was away at my volunteer position in the community the last number of hours so my apologies for not replying sooner, including to a number of direct messages that were left. Let me say several things, but I hope to at some point in the not too future say more about how I think we can all, working together make the domain community an even more positive and welcoming place.

    But briefly....
    1. I am touched by this outpouring (super thank you to everyone), but really I am Don't worry about me, please!
    2. PLEASE do not try to guess who you think 'the bad guys' might be or be mean to anyone. This is not about certain people, it is a matter of each of us becoming more sensitive. If you want to do something for me be nice and respectful to EVERYONE, ALWAYS. Please.
    3. This is NOT about NPs not having moderated something they should. The NP mods do an absolutely awesome job. I said that in my May shout out, but every day each of us should thank them. NPs is amazingly run. Think about it 1 million members (not all active) with almost that many views on everything in an and out of the domain world. It is a work of art that it runs as well as it does. Huge thanks to everyone involved in NP management and moderation.
    4. I probably should not try to explain this when I am as tired as I feel right now, but essentially it is about me realizing how bothered I was that after working for many decades (both officially working and in organizations volunteer) with literally many thousands of people from dozens of countries I had difficulty of thinking of any cases where people called names, used disrespectful language, said things that were untrue, belittled the accomplishments of others, misrepresented what others said, or twisted what should be vibrant discussions of ideas and principles into unrelated attacks on people. I asked, and still ask, myself whether I really wanted to see people subjected to that in the domain community. Probably 99.5% of NP members do treat others respectfully. We need to make it 100%. We can.
    Have a good evening everyone.

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  8. Eagle578

    Eagle578 Established Member

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    @Bob Hawkes:

    I haven't been on NamePros for very long, but long enough to recognize the value of your contribution. Thank you for doing what you do. Don't be discouraged by the minority who don't appreciate your input. You're awesome.
  9. WatchDogue

    WatchDogue Top Member VIP

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    While I'm unaware of the incidents or circumstances that initiated this thread, reasonable regard and respect should be afford each member of the Forum.

    Re Bob Hawkes I always find his posts to be well written and well reasoned and worthy of a read, whether I'm in agreement or nor with his posting ( usually in agreement I'll add).

    Some members post brief replays to threads, sometimes a bit lacking in facts or evidence or personal experience citations and thats' fine, that is their style. Other members posting style may be more
    " rich in content and citations or the basis for their position " in a thread.

    Bob Hawkes IMO typifies the content rich poster and I do enjoy reading his well reasoned, positive
    and polite postings whenever he sees fit to post.
  10. Grego85

    Grego85 Quality.Domains VIP

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    I enjoy Bob's posts and I've learned quite a bit from them. His website has a lot of great articles too. Thankful he is a member here.
  11. carob

    carob Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Many thanks to Bob for your posts. Well-researched, reasoned, informative. And data-rich. And courteous.

    Most of us come here to make money from domains and to do that we need information and advice, and to be prepared to re-think things. You can learn a lot listening to Bob, and if you don't agree or don't understand something, think about it, ask questions, test your assumptions.
  12. myfavorite

    myfavorite Established Member

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    @Bob Hawkes is always willing to share knowledge freely which many have really gained from.

    Please @Bob Hawkes know that those of us with you are by far more than those that may be against. Your contributions are highly appreciated.

    Thanks and do not abandon us because of the negligible minority.
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  13. Corey

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    say NO, to no @Bob Hawkes (love your work)

    DO what is right for you!

  14. kite26

    kite26 VIP

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    @Bob Hawkes From the little i know about him (reading his posts) is one of the best people here. First human and then whatever else. A community doesn't need robot-domainers with 1 million bumps!
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  15. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    Bob is nice guy, appears to be the type of person I'd have over for dinner and relax with in my living room. He appears to be a quality individual with integrity. Here's to Bob!(y)

    But whether he knows his stuff with regards to domaining, has nothing to do with how nice or gentlemanly a person he is. If he's offering up lengthy opinions based on theory, that are contradicted by my personal experience, I will post my contrary opinion. If this offends him or others, then we all might as well just accept everything everyone posts here at face value and not discuss it.

    After all is said and done, those of us who have been involved in domaining for a long time are set in our ways. We're not really going to change what we do very much. But the newbies here, they are the primeblood of NamePros, the future generation of domainers, and if we allow countless posts from Bob or from anyone else, no matter how lengthily and politely presented, to pass without criticism, then we are doing a disservice to the newest and really, most important members of NamePros.

    If I post how best to sell Ferraris, and it turns out I've never sold a Ferrari in my life, I'd expect someone to call me out. If my ideas stink, then I'd be expected to argue that they don't, but it doesn't mean that I'd have a right to cry about being picked on. Just because I present my ideas in a long drawn out manner doesn't mean that they are right.

    The main thing I've noticed about Bob's posts, in case you haven't observed it yourself, is that they tend to march to a different drum from most of the seasoned professionals on here, the ones who are actually selling. Maybe you guys haven't noticed that as acutely as some of us. It would appear that Bob doesn't read what others post in a thread before he comes in with his opinion. This can be good, this can be commendable, his thoughts are often unique, but when what he posts contradicts what others of us think we know from personal experience, it's not right to come in and say that we think he's wrong?

    Sometimes, yes, the discussions get a little lively, but that's not to say that anyone is putting Bob down personally.

    As I've said before

    The end goal is to make us all better domainers. Sometimes criticism is part of that process.
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  16. DnFolk

    DnFolk Top Member VIP

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    I don’t know much about the matter, i also haven’t ever interacted with him but i want @Bob Hawkes to know that i absolutely admire and appreciate his comments here on NP (whether in agreement or not) the way he expresses his views and puts his comments makes him a true gentleman. Very helpful and useful addition to NP. Such members make NP what it is.
  17. YairDD

    YairDD Established Member

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    Bob Hawkes is great. love reading his comments and I can't understand how someone like him can be bullied here. indeed uncalled for.
  18. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Established Member

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    Why will anyone not like Bob? The man keeps it real and I like him except his long post of course and thats because am too lazy to read.

    Bob, many at times some members have exchanged harsh words with me and by the next day I don't even remember the person's moniker again. I am too busy looking for auction domains and closeout that I take less notice of such things. You Bob are an inspiration to lot of members and dont let the unruly behaviour of a few deter you from rendering your services .

    In Dj Khaled voice: 'You are special'
    'You are appreciated '
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  19. dande

    dande Premium Domain Names VIP

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    I am @Bob Hawkes and I approve these posts!

    Sometimes I imagine the kind of energy and time Bob put into this community. Practically on every post and every discussion at the same time, making invaluable contributions and keeping discussions alive. His respect to others is second to none. Whoever that bring themselves to bully Bob simply has no respect to humanity.

    Bob, do not give up because of bully. Else, you let them win.

    We all love you!
  20. James Iles

    James Iles NamePros Writer PRO Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    @Bob Hawkes your posts are always insightful and well thought out, and I believe you still have a lot to offer the industry.

    From meeting you at NamesCon, it’s evident that your enthusiasm for the industry is palpable.

    Your commentary is always welcome
  21. myfavorite

    myfavorite Established Member

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    Some people don't seems to understand the difference between expressing a difference in opinion and bullying or outrightly insulting another person.

    While others don't seems to understand the weight of the word they used against others.

    Then some are plain rude, too proud and arrogant. World renowned Domainers like Mike Mann are members here but you don't see them insulting people unnecessarily.

    I believe we are here to learn and equally pass knowledge which may be different from other peoples opinion. Let's be civil in our contributions and expressing differences in opinion.

  22. FolioTeam

    FolioTeam Top Member VIP

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  23. Grilled

    Grilled khjasdhkfdhdskfhhukdfshkj VIP

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    Speaking of lengthy,
    Your post was 422 words.
    Bob's was 375 words.

    I know it's not a word measuring competition. And the size of a post isn't a dependent variable equating to quality.

    Nor is ones stamina a dependent variable to quality. But in terms of discussion, it helps carry it on, similar to how as quality does.

    But length of post + stamina = effort. And it's hard to fault somebody who's giving their best effort. Because, should they not give up, over time their efforts will blossom into experience that we all can benefit from. As they may not have been the subject matter expert when they began, years of lengthy posts and continued discussion can lead to ones becoming.

    Per the namePros expectations for respect and constructiveness

    IMO, and to put in sports talk, I see criticism like defense to one's offense. If you want to be a better offensive [insert sport here] player in the world, you have to be willing to go up against better defensive [insert sport here] players. Otherwise, how will you get better? Or, how will you know you're getting better? Or what happens when you find out you're not as good as you thought you were? Thinking you're the best COD player in the world, only to realize you were playing against n00bs your entire gaming career.

    When it comes to criticism, or the nP flavor, I think the report button is equally important as the ignore button, when it reaches that point.

    I don't mean that in a way to use the report button when somebody is criticizing you, but if it violates rule 1.2.

    Mods will assess the report and assess the reported contented based on

    If the criticism you're receiving is not in violation of the rules, and you're still offended, maybe you should ask more questions. Specific questions. Even if it's a simple question. Such as Why this? Or What do you mean by that?

    Some might say that asking these simple questions is trolling. But when you're dumbfounded to somebody else's opinion, you have to be open to the possibility that you're misunderstanding them, or they're misunderstanding themselves. So you take it back to grade school. And check their work. Step by step. Comparing your notes with theirs. Ensuring the validity of yours and their results. To see what went wrong, and why your math doesn't match theirs.

    Stamina plays a big role on how much of others opinion you want to put up with, and try to understand. Then comes the is this the best use of your time debate of trying to understand somebody's opinion that has a greater chance of adding value to you, versus endless debates with somebody that will likely violate nP rules many times long before adding value to you.

    How to know who's criticism to accept and who's to ignore?

    That's the hard part. As even the best could overlook something obvious to the worst. And why it's probably best to keep all the nP flavor you can.

    But when a true pro gives you criticism, with respect, I think accepting it and challenging it leads to the growth of not only you, and the pro, but others in the community reading it.

    Opposed, to maybe the stubborned member, who is set in their position, a position which you grossly disagree with, feel you'd be better off not wasting your time reading their content, and come to the time benefit best experience over maximum flavor decision to block. The question remains, how long do you have to disagree with someone or how much time do you have to waste reading disagreeable content, before giving up on that member, and blocking them from your nP flavors.

    Ok, I've ranted long enough. And all this flavor talk has me thinking of Doritos. And I don't have Doritos. This rant is also making me realize my overuse of 'and' at the beginning of sentences. If you've read this far, please enjoy the below video on criticism, which I feel is a fitting zoomed out relative perspective to online criticism.

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  24. dande

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    ^^You guys should keep it short please. We are tired of lengthy posts. Learn how to summarize!
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  25. MackieMesser

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    Bullying is a method of weak persons that have personal problems (often a low self-esteem) and try to make others feel bad instead of solving their own problems.

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