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Located in The Break Room started by Internet.Domains, May 21, 2019.


  1. Internet.Domains

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    Please give a shout-out to our very own @Bob Hawkes!

    It was recently uncovered that Bob was feeling a little less motivated, and possibly retiring from Namepros, after some recent bullying. This saddened me as Bob has been a wonderful contributor and a valuable asset to this community. I may not agree with everything he writes, but I respect and admire his contributions. He is passionate and good natured. He is always respectful and the bullying he has recently endured is completely uncalled for.

    Please give @Bob Hawkes a shout-out in the comments or Like/Thanks this post to let him know there are those who care!

    (The best defense against bullies is letting those who bully know we stand with those who are bullied)
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  2. Rob Monster

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    Love Bob. He keeps it real and is a force for common good. I can't even begin to understand how anyone could not like Bob's enthusiastic interest to not only grow in his own personal effectiveness, but also to improve the lot of others. I met Bob for the first time at NamesCon in January. We had a lovely visit. I count him as an industry friend even though I am sure we don't agree on all things.

    As for bullies at NamePros, yes, there are some unaccountable anonymous thugs at NamePros. Speaking from experience, I believe the key to dealing with bullies is to figure out a way to (1) turn lemons into lemonade, and (2) recognize that bullies often have an agenda and therefore if they take issue with you, or you get brigaded, then you are probably doing something right in a way that is big enough to matter.
  3. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Top Member VIP

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    Cheers to that! Over lemonade, of
  4. nicedomains

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    Bob H. is a great asset to the domain community. I love his writings at and was delighted to meet and share a meal with him at NamesCon. Top notch member of this forum in a very short time (y)
  5. MapleDots

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    I like Bob a lot too he has good knowledge a number of subjects and topics.

    Except two....

    1. He feels he has to explain when he uses the dislike button.

    2. He has not mastered the use of the ignore feature.

    I think if he works on those two a bit he might not feel as overwhelmed.

    Point 1 & 2 can be quite liberating if you use them correctly :xf.laugh:
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  6. HotKey

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    Ditto ditto ditto.

    I have witnessed @Bob Hawkes take demeaning comments and fully attempt to turn them into an attempt for him to learn from - even though the comments were created to be demeaning!! This is extra-ordinary, and admirable.

    The man uses water to fight fire, yet has a fire within him that CANNOT be doused! Those that don't agree, at the very least have some respect.


    And ID thnx for the BALLS to start this thread. It takes a lot more courage to stand up to whats right than it does to to ignore for what's WRONG. Commendation.
  7. esdiel

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  8. Dave

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    @Bob Hawkes Don't let yourself get down. I respect your good natured, honest, in depth posts. I feel Namepros needs more members like you not the idiot haters!

    I feel out of the loop. Please direct me to some threads where this idiotic bullying behaviour comes from.
  9. Kassey Lee

    Kassey Lee 域名世界 VIP

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    His writing may be too long at times, but Bob impresses me with his enthusiasm and making a positive contribution to NP. Thanks @Bob Hawkes
  10. briguy

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    I like to say he got the "gift of content"..
    Wish I had his gift of writing and research!

    In fact, I am already at a loss for on that note..don't change Bob!
  11. equity78

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    @Bob Hawkes Don't ever let anyone steal your joy. Every member here has the right to post what and how they like so long as it is not intentional misinformation or against the forum rules.

    This is not a nice industry overall, a lot of people who have done nothing for no one and have never made a domain sale of any consequence like to sit back and take anonymous cheap shots, they are meaningless, they don't matter.

    Now one thing I don't like to see is someone considering a disagreement to be trolling or bullying, sometimes people just don't agree and that's fine. The mods did a good job of cleaning up that thread over and over. Personally I believe there should be a forum rule, if you are going to start a thread that is about your personal success you need to back it up, like many years ago all domain forums said you had to provide screenshots when you were trying to sell domains with traffic.

    If (this is not directed at Bob) you are going to make claims of success then you need to be able to back that up, you cannot say you are a private person, a private person does not post anything about themselves to try to gain some sunlight on their accomplishments. You either want the attention or you don't.

    Another thing that many here get wrong, A DISCUSSION THREAD does not belong to you, once you start it and someone else posts, it belongs to the community, every member that posts within the rules can post their on topic views. @Eric Lyon will confirm that.

    Thank you for your contributions Bob.
  12. Grilled

    Grilled khjasdhkfdhdskfhhukdfshkj VIP

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  13. karmaco

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    I think bullying is a strong word. I have seen people who are routinely curt with everyone be curt about Bob’s always long posts. Meaning the person I saw likes to be sarcastic to everyone here. So if he talks the same way to everyone it’s not targeted which bullying usually is. There are just some azzholes here just like everywhere else on the net.

    Any actual bullying should be reported to the mods immediately. With all respect to Bob, you do a lot of posting you will clash or annoy some people— it’s inevitable. Best to toughen up and not take other people’s opinions personally.
  14. Dave

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    Great post
  15. Michael Cyger

    Michael Cyger DNAcademy Efty Staff PRO ICA Member Gold Account VIP

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    It would be a sad day for the community if @Bob Hawkes left the industry. He has added a great deal of value since he joined.

    If I were @NamePros, I would look to understand any actions by users that make someone like Bob even think about leaving, and then work to eliminate those actions from the community and website.
  16. TCK

    TCK VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    @Bob Hawkes, @NamePros is very fortunate to have you as a member. From what I can see you make great contributions to the community.

    Unfortunately there are users who don't take domaining as something serious and still need to grow up. But the veterans on NamePros appreciate you being here, that's clear.
  17. Avijit Roy

    Avijit Roy Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    As a new community member i learnt a lot from @Bob Hawkes . Thanks a lot.
  18. JagG

    JagG Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Well, said @Michael Cyger

    @Bob Hawkes you not leaving buddy, Don't make me fly to Canada and drag you back into @NamePros 🤣
  19. Josh R

    Josh R Owner of & PRO VIP

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    Bob is the kind of guy that gives me faith in humanity. I'm not even exaggerating, because we can all learn from him in one way or another. Maybe it's domain related, maybe it's not but either way you can learn from the way Bob communicates and handles his affairs.

    I want nothing to do with anyone here that has treated him badly.
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  20. barman

    barman Established Member

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  21. stub

    stub Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I think that @Bob Hawkes is a definite huge plus to the NamePros community.

    I was following that "bullying" thread. My advice to Bob, is not to take the negative comments to seriously. This is afterall a discussion board. People are entitled to have different opinions. It got particularly nasty when Bob made a statement, which it appeared his website evidence didn't support. You must expect that kind of "probing" if you get into an altercation. Personally. I think you have morphed a little too much into the mathematician, in recent posts. Which cause my eyes just glaze over with their complexity. IMHO.

    My advice would be to take it on the chin. Try to reach at least a conversational communication with any adversary. If that is not possible because you both cannot reach any mutual understanding. There is always the ignore button. But you will miss some of the "flavor" of this diverse community by using it.

    I really hope you don't leave this community. Your presence here is extremely valuable. Just tone down these immensely complex mathematical posts. Please :)
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  22. Brands.International

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    @Bob Hawkes

    Bob is truly amazing guy, kind, nice, and wise OP, and I hope also my domain friend. What is most important is that he is very balanced in his opinions, he understands well what logical argument is, and he can count well (meaning: he can form his opinions using math). Most of all, he is incredibly helpful to everyone!!!

    What happened in a .live thread I started, how some OPs treated him was difficult, almost painful for me to read. As I was away, he tried to defend the logic of renewing domain names in advance which I proposed, (oh man, and those were new gTLDs, big mistake!) so he got the "love" which otherwise would in big part come to me, would I actively participate in the thread as well. I certainly must deserve all that (am I correct, @equity78 ?), as I am NOT disclosing my personal financial data for whole world to see. On internet. To everyone out there. OK, I get that. Although there is not such rule on Namepros that you need to disclose your personal financial data when celebrating new gTLDs (can we even celebrate them, or is that not a sign of professional domainer - maybe only semi professional, or are we all false prophets, if we celebrate?), some people simply think they can then openly call me scammer, snake oil seller, and dozens of other names I got so far. I do not sell my names in Namepros but stil, there has to be something fishy. Omg, and I sell those new gTLD names appraisals openly on my can I dare! The full rage is on! The rage is there, but I am not there, so then someone who (partially) agreed with something I wrote about renewals of new gTLDs will get the "love" instead. How nice from you guys. All long time members, anonymous avatars, cranky, frequently combative, frequently in a bad mood...

    Well, no one will object that when discussing new gTLDs, no matter what topic (how to register them, which to drop, if to renew them, how to appraise them, etc), it always gets personal, and it gets personal quickly. It is ok. In 2019 it is much better then in 2016, so no complains. Plus I know very well I am not well balanced towards all extensions, I love new gTLDs, and I am not big fan of .com. This will irritate many. But to act in such bad manner to Bob who is always so factual and neutral to ALL extensions, while providing TONS of useful information and help to everyone, is straightfoward shameful.

    You guys who behaved poorly, go to give some appraisals to new members, do at least something useful and meaningful, and apologize to Bob via PM at least, this is the minimum you should do!!!
  23. namemarket

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    Bob is both a great friend and IMO the #1 member here and I hate to see him being flamed for no valid reason.


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    Yes, one needs to be thick-skinned in this business, but bullying is NOT ok & should not be allowed on this forum.

    You have many options on how to deal with TLDR posts, & bullying is not one of them.

    This place is full of needlessly lengthy posts, that's why I skip a lot of it. That is no reason for me to disrespect or intimidate anyone.

    Stay Bob Hawkes, kick out the bully NamePros.

    Kudos to the OP..
  25. J Sokol

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    This is a refreshing thread, and I appreciate everyone's input. It seems that @lolwarrior best sums up my thoughts about Bob:

    When I joined NP almost a year ago, Bob stood out from the beginning as someone who would offer useful and constructive information. And I appreciate his analytical skills, because I lack the patience to delve into the numbers as he does.

    Hope you'll stick with us, Bob!

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