advice Should I redirect or build a landing page for my event?

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I run an annual conference in conjunction with my main website.

I own the .com of my conference name which I like better then using a longer url where the information is house on my site.

I like housing all of the conference information on my main site for the extra traffic it brings.

Am I better off taking the .com singular name and putting
1. An enter here image going to the longer url on my site
2. Framing the info page on the .com
3. Or just forwarding to page where the info is housed?

I was thinking it may make more sense to actually have a site or an frame on the main .com bc it could get indexed. BUT would the url in the frame get stats?
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If you forward a domain it will show traffic for both.
What if I put site #1 (Main site page) in a frame on site #2? Would that still give my main site traffic if its in a frame? I was thinking I could maybe get a little SEO for site #2 which could maybe bring in even more traffic?